How to register as a private candidate for GCE A/L

Dear sir/madam
How can I do gce advance level as a private candidate. And I want to know ,where and when can I submit my competency project.please if anyone can help me with my question it will be helpful.
Thank you.

How to change the name in O/L and A/L certificates?

If I change my name in my birth certificate, then is it possible to change my name in O/L and A/L certificates?

Is it possible to do A/L without O/L according to the latest rules?

නවතම නීතිරීති අනුව අපොස (ස/පෙළ) නොමැතිව උවද (උසස් පෙළ) කළහැකිද? මෙවර කලා විෂය දාරාවෙන් මා මාස 6න් උසස්පෙළ පටමලාවක් හදාරන අතර සාමාන්‍යපෙළ නොමැත. එම ගුරුවරුන් එය ගැටළුවක් නැතිබව පැවසූ නමුත් වැඩි විස්තර දැනගැනීමට අවශ්‍යය වී ඇත. කරුණාකර පිළිතුරක් ලබාදෙන්න.

How to find Lost / Forgot A/L exam index number?

I lost my Advanced Level exam's index number? Please tell me how to get it back

What Should be the A/L result to study architecture in Moratuwa university?

What Should be the A/L result to study architecture in Moratuwa university?

Eastern Music Practical Papers

mata 2016 idan 2029 wenakn eastern music practical papers thiyena kenek innawanm ewannako. please

How many times can I sit for G.C.E. O/L?

O/L උපරිම කී වාතාවක් කරන්න පුලුවන්ද? Plz කියන්නකෝ.

Can I do only Combined Maths for A/L exam?

I have sat my advanced level examination in 2014 in biology stream as my first attempt and in 2015 in same stream as my second attempt. I would like to face GCE A/L examination on 2020 in Mathematics stream. Is it possible to take just combined mathematics as the only subject? I do not need to enter state university.

How to find GCE A/L Index number

my GCE A/L index number was lost, how can i find it

Is Sri Lankan A/L Exam easier than Edexcel for Cambridge GCE?

Is Sri Lankan A/L exam easier than Edexel or Cambridge GCE ?

City & Guilds Hairdressing Past Papers

Need past papers for city & guilds hair dressing course? Any body got it?

Interview dates - National College of Education

I want to know about date that interview calling for national vidyapeeta which is calling application from 2016 A/L

A/L Commerce Papers

I want a/l commerce papers in Tamil medium

OUSL Entrance Examination

I have to sit the entrance exam of ousl. please send me past papers and class details.

O/L 2016 re-correctoin of results

When is the application closing date for O/L 2016 re-scrutiny of results?

Can I do A/L, if I fail O/L maths for the 2nd time?

සාමන්‍ය පෙළ විභාගයේ දෙවන වරටත් ගණිතය අසමත් වූවොත් උසස් පෙළ හැදැරිය නොහැකිද?

DFCC Bank exam past papers

Dear sir can you send me past paper of DFCC bank exam.subjects are Sinhala and English

How to check O/L results of year 1998?

I forgot my index number. I want to know my O/L results in 1998 Sri Lanka

O/L result sheets are Lost

My O/L results sheets (2010,2011) are lost. How can I get those back.

Can my son go to a University with A/L 4th attempt?

What would happen if the candidates get sick during the examination period and are they allowed to apply for a fourth  attempt?
My son got sick and he is suffering from fever and he is doing his third attempt. He sat for Biology paper but couldn't sit for the Physics paper.
So will he be eligible to apply for a 4th attempt to sit the exam for university entrance?
Thank you

Z-Score in 4th time A/L

Will I get a Z score if I did A/Ls for the fourth time?

Open University of Sri Lanka - Bachelor of software engineering selection test papers

Hi, I am from Sri Lanka taking Bachelor of software engineering selection test at OUSL this time, please share any selection test past paper.

How to get O/L and A/L results certified for foreign employment?

Dear Sir/Madam
I am planning to go abroad to work. To apply for the job, I need to submit my O/L and A/L certified exam results.
How to get my results certified?
Can I get this done from Examinations department?
Thank you

When can the private candidates apply for G.C.E. A/L 2021?

2021 උසස් පෙල විභාගයට පෞද්ගලික අයදුම්පත් නිකුත්කරන දිනය කවදාද?

How to get O/L index number

I want to get my O/L index no. i was sit back in 2006. how can i do that.

Local A/L Science stream English medium notes

Hi, is there anyone here doing their local AL science stream English medium this year? Or anyone who did it last year? If so pls can u share me your notes with me? I will get a copy of it and return it carefully. Pls anyone here willing to help me?

How to change A/L Subject from Physics to Business Statistics

2020 උසස් පෙල පොදු කාණ්ඩය යටතේ සංයුක්ත ගණිතය, භෞතික විද්‍යාව, තොරතුරු හා සන්නිවේදන තාක්ෂණය යන විෂයන් සඳහා පෙනී සිටි දරුවෙකුට, 2021 දී පොදු කාණ්ඩය යටතේ ඉහත සඳහන් විෂයන්හී භෞතික විද්‍යාව වෙනුවට ව්‍යාපාර සංඛ්‍යානය විෂය සමග අනිත් විෂයන් දෙක අයදුම් කල හැකිද? එසේ කිරීමට අප විසින් සිදු කල යුතු කටයුතු කිසිවක් තිබේද යන්න දැනුවත් කරනමෙන් ඉල්ලාසිටිමි

Books for A/L General English exam

I want to do my A/L General English exam next year. I want modern exercises and texts. Any good book?

Banking trainee past papers of commercial bank

Please send the banking trainee past papers of commercial bank

Banking assistant exam past papers of Cargills bank

Dear sir,can you send me trainee banking assistant exam past papers of Cargills bank

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