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Can my daughter follow the Science stream in A/L? 

My daughter obtained 2 B, 3 C and 4 S, she has got C in Science and Health Science and S in Maths. Can she follow the Science stream in AL?
Thanks for your valuable advise.

How many times we can do O/L as a private candidate? 

මම 2010 ol exam liwwa. passe 2016,2017 private ol liynna application damma. 2kedima Addmission awa. Eth liyanna bari una. Mata ahapw ol exam liyanna barida. Ke parak ol liynna puluwnda. Ahapw mata pri

How to find O/L district rank? 

How can I find my 2016 O/L district rank online?

Looking for O/L Tamil (2nd language) past papers 

I want to O/L Tamil (2nd language) past papers. Please help me to find out those papers.

Sri Lanka Institute of Information Technology (SLIIT) Entry requirements 

Can I apply for SLIIT without AL all passes?

When can the private candidates apply for G.C.E. A/L 2017? 

When can the private candidates apply for G.C.E. A/L 2017?

Minimum qualifications to register for AAT examination 

I want to register to sit for AAT examinations. Please let me know what are the minimum qualifications for registration.

Sri Lanka Administrative service (SLAS) exam entry requirements 

May I know what are the qualifications to sit for SLAS exam?

Spelling errors in O/L result sheet 

I did O/L in 2010.
I got my result sheet in 2013 from school but there is some spelling mistake on result sheet.
How can I correct it.?
plz help me.
thank you.

Results of Buddhist Dharmacharya examination 

i want to know the results of buddhist dharmacharya examination (2015) 2016.

Application call date 2017/2018 - General Sir John Kotelawala Defence University 

Dear Sir/Madam
Can you please let me know when can I apply for Undergraduate Cadetship program of General Sir John Kotelawala Defence University for year 2017/2018

Postgraduate courses offered by Sir John Kotelawala Defence University 

Are there any postgraduate courses offered by Sir John Kotelawala Defence University?
Please let me know

OUSL PG Diploma in Education - Selection Test Papers 

Hi, I am from Sri Lanka taking PG Diploma in Education selection test at OUSL this time, please share any selection test past paper.

Bank of Ceylon (BOC) Staff Assistant exam 2017 - Results release date 

When will the results of BOC trainee staff assistant exam 2017 be released.

How to apply for undergraduate Cadetships degree programme of KDU? 

Dear Sir/Madam Can you please let me know how can I apply for undergraduate cadetship program of General Sir John Kotelawala Defence University for year 2017/2018?

Can I sit for National A/Levels with the knowledge of Cambridge syllabus? 

Dear Sir/Madam,
Is it possible to sit for national A/levels (Economics & Business Studies) with the knowledge of Cambridge syllabus!! Or could there be vast differences between the two?

GAQ Pera Notes 

i want notes of G.A.Q university of peradeniya 2010.

Exam dates - Bank of Ceylon and Peoples Bank 

Can you please tell me the following exam dates? - Bank of Ceylon (BOC) - Trainee Staff Assistants - People’s Bank - Management Trainees

How to find Lost / Forgot O/L exam index number? 

My G.C.E. Ordinary Level exam's index number is lost? How to find it?

Law entrance examination 2019 application closing date 

I need Law Entrance examination 2019 application. How can I get it?

O/L 2017 - Last date to apply for re-correction of answer scripts 

Dear Madam/Sir
I want to know, when is the last date to apply for re-correction of answer scripts of G.C.E. Ordinary Level examination 2017.
Thank you

Who was the first Portuguese captain who landed in Colombo? 

Who was the Portuguese captain who landed in Colombo in 1505?

How many times can I sit for O/L exam? 

I want to know the number of times a person can sit for O/L exam. And when we obtain the results sheet weather it shows the number of times we have sat for the exam. For example : Second shy, third s

Practical Examination in Western Music application form 

I want to apply for the Practical Examination in Western Music. From where can I get the application form?

2017 O/L MCQ Answers 

please send me 2017 all O/L mcq answers sinhala medium

Qualifications needed to go to Australia as a hairdresser 

Hi I want to know what our the qualifications I need to apply to Australia as a hairdresser for working.

LLB Entrance exam past papers. 

I am going to face LLB Entrance exam.I need papers [ model papers or test papers ] of LLB entrance examination in open university. Pls is there some one can teach me or assist me contact 0772987684

A/L Maths stream entry requirement 

I like to follow GCE A/L in maths stream. But I have a simple pass for O/L maths.
Can I follow not via school in privet.
Pleas answer.

When will A/L 2017 re-correction results be released? 

When will A/L 2017 re-correction results be released?

Sri Lanka Administrative Service (SLAS) Examination 

how to face SLAS exam?

Sri Lanka Planning Service Exam past papers 

I have applied for the Planning Service limited exam. If possible pl send me some past or model papers. Otherwise direct me towards relevant links.
Thanking you,

O/L result sheets are Lost 

My O/L results sheets (2010,2011) are lost. How can I get those back.

ABE Business Management 

Please send me the Business Management Past Papers

I forget my A/L index number 

I forget my A/L index number what can I do now?

Banking exam past papers 

Can you send me banking exam past papers of Peoples Bank and Bank of Ceylon (BOC)

Law entrance exam past papers 

please send me law entrance exam past papers since 2009 up to 2013

Can I do A/L Science with a S pass for O/L Maths? 

If I have S pass for O/L maths, can I do Science for A/L in English medium?

Which A/L subjects should I select to become a Software Engineer? 

මට දැනගන්න පුලුවන්ද හොද පිළිගැනීමක් තියෙන Software Engineer කෙනෙක් වෙන්න A/L වලට තෝර ගන්න ඕන විෂය ධාරාව හා විෂයන්.

How to find Lost / Forgot A/L exam index number? 

I lost my Advanced Level exam's index number? Please tell me how to get it back

Can I do A/L Science subjects without O/L maths 

Dear Sir /Madam I have got a c pass for science in gce ordinary level and i have failed mathematics. I am expecting to choose science stream for advance i want to know weather I can choose

ICT Past Papers 

how can i get ol ICT past papers of 2007,2008 & 2009

O/L Kristhu Darmaya (Christianity) past papers 

I want o/l kristhu darmaya past papers

G.C.E. O/L past papers and marking scheme 

From where can I download G.C.E. O/L past papers and also the correct marking scheme

Past papers of Management Studies entrance exam of Open University 

I am going to face Management Studies entrance exam of Open university in month of February. I need some entrance exam papers, if any one can help me please send them to my e mail.
Thanks friends

When will O/L 2017 re-correction results will be released? 

When will be the results of re-correction released for OL 2017?

How to do A/L exam 1st time as a private candidate? 

A/L private 1st time karanawanm kohomada api karanna one.. kisima deyak danne na..kohoada apply karanne

How to register as a private candidate for GCE A/L 

Dear sir/madam
How can I do gce advance level as a private candidate. And I want to know ,where and when can I submit my competency project.please if anyone can help me with my question it will b

How to find O/L Index number? 

My O/L index number is lost.
I want to find my index number?
How can I find it?
Please help me please?

How to find GCE A/L Index number 

my GCE A/L index number was lost, how can i find it

How to check O/L results of year 1998? 

I forgot my index number. I want to know my O/L results in 1998 Sri Lanka

How to get O/L index number 

I want to get my O/L index no. i was sit back in 2006.. how can i do that..

Information on Mechanical Engineering 

I want to join the Mechanical Engineering field. I want all the information. Please send.

How to find the index number of GCE O/L exam 

I do not remember my GCE O/L exams index number in 2010. Therefore I want to know how find my index number.

O/L 2016 re-correctoin of results 

When is the application closing date for O/L 2016 re-scrutiny of results?

Grade 5 scholarship exam results 

How can I find Grade 5 scholarship exam results?

How to Check Ordinary Level - O/L - Exam results online 

I want to check my Ordinary level [O/L] exam results online. I know there is a website to view results but can not remember the web address.

Geography notes and past paper in Tamil medium 

I am looking for Geography notes & past paper in Tamil. Please send

ICT marking scheme 

Please send me a 2010 O/L ICT marking scheme and science marking scheme very soon. Thank you

G.C.E. O/L 2017 Mathematics past paper 

Please provide O/L 2017 maths paper with answers.

Looking for University of Colombo school of computing internal all semesters pass papers 

Any one can please help me to find University of Colombo school of computing internal all semesters pass papers?????

A/L Commerce past papers 

I want advance level past paper question and answer in commerce subject 10 year

University of Moratuwa architecture aptitude exam past papers 

I need University of Moratuwa architecture aptitude exam past papers, where i can find them?

A/L Commerce Papers 

I want a/l commerce papers in Tamil medium

Can foreign LLB graduates register at Sri Lanka Law College as students? 

I have a LLB degree from a foreign University (UK). I want to register at Sri Lanka Law College as an Attorney-at-law student.
Is that possible? If yes, what is the procedure?

When will Grade 5 scholarship exam (2017) re-scrutiny results be released? 

ශිෂ්‍යත්ව නැවත සමීක්ෂණ ප්‍රතිඵල (2017) ලැබෙන්නේ කවදාද?

Local A/L Science stream English medium notes 

Hi, is there anyone here doing their local AL science stream English medium this year? Or anyone who did it last year? If so pls can u share me your notes with me? I will get a copy of it and return i

Without A/L Common General Test and General English exams, Can I apply for University entrance? 

Would you please let me know whether it is necessary to apply for Common Test and General English for 3rd shy private candidates if they have got highest results in first and second attempts for those

Scholarships for students who passed A/L 

Are there any Scholarships for students who passed A/L successfully?

Financial Engineering aptitude test past papers 

How can I get aptitude test past papers in Financial engineering.

Can I be an Elocution teacher? 

I have studied upto grade 8 but I can speak well and write in English. Can I be an elocution teacher by doing a course?

Can I do an Ayurveda diploma after A/Ls? 

Can I do an Ayurveda diploma after facing A/Ls as a private candidate by biology stream?

Do I need to leave my school to do A/L 3rd attempt? 

If I am applying for A/Ls as my third attempt will I have to leave school?

Can I select ICT in A/L Bio stream? 

Can I select ICT for A/L in bio stream?

Model question papers for National O/L and A/L English subject 

Please can anyone name the most suitable books available for English subject modal question papers for the National O/L and A/L syllabus for 2018.

How to apply for BIT external degree? 

How can I apply for BIT external degree of University of Colombo?

Can I do A/L Maths with ICT? 

What are the main subject in A/L maths and can I do ICT with maths?

How to find UGC approved foreign universities? 

How do I know whether a certain foreign University is approved / recognized by the University Grants Commission (UGC)

Open University nursing degree Entrance exam past papers 

I am looking for past papers of open University nursing degree entrance exam. Please send any papers​.

Can I do only one A/L subject in English medium? 

I am going to site for A/L exam this year as a school candidate.
I am doing Commerce in Sinhala medium

I want to do only Accounting subject in English medium.
Is that

How to register for a degree programme in Ocean University? 

Dear Sir/Madam,
I want to know can I apply for a degree Ocean University of Sri Lanka.
I did my A/L in 2017
C - Combined maths
S - Chemistry
S - Physics
z -

Can I use A/L 2nd attempt English and General Knowledge results? 

I have been qualified to enter to the university in my third attempt but I did not do English and General knowledge in the 3rd attempt.

Can I use second attempt's English and General Knowle

Degree programmes offered by KDU for students with foreign qualifications 

I am a foreign student. I like to study in General Sir John Kotelawala Defence University.
I like to study Aeronautical Engineering. Please provide information on the course and the application p

Degree programms offered by KDU - General Sir John Kotelawala Defence University 

Please let me know the different degree programms offered by KDU?
Are there any non payment basis degree programmes?

How to find the lost index number of National school teaching exam? 

My national school teaching exam index number lost. Please help to find out it? Can you please reply as soon as possible?

ICT past papers 2 

I want ICT past papers 2008,2009,2010.

G.C.E. O/L English and English Literature marking scheme 

I want G.C.E. O/L English and English Literature marking scheme as soon as possible.

Sri Lanka Law Entrance Exam - Entry Requirements 

I want to enter to the Sri Lankan Law college. I have passed only O/Ls. With this qualifications, can I sit for the Law entrance exam?

When can the private candidates apply for G.C.E. A/L 2018? 

A/L 2018 applications closings date please?

Open university LLB entrance exam past papers 

I want to open university llb entrance exam past paper as soon as possible.

Past Papers - MIT degree in University of Kelaniya 

Could you please send me a model/past paper of MIT degree in University of Kelaniya and Information Systems degree in University of Colombo as soon as possible?

BA University of Peradeniya Subjects 

what are the subjects offered for external degree BA at university of peradeniya?

How to change from A/L Bio stream to Art stream? 

I did A/L exam in 2014 & 2015 in Bio steam & I couldn't get good results. So now I want to study in art stream and going to write exam in 2018. How can I change my stream?

DFCC Bank exam past papers 

Dear sir can you send me past paper of DFCC bank exam.subjects are Sinhala and English

LLB entrance past papers 

Plz send me LLB entrance past papers or some web address if you have any details.thank you.

G.C.E.A/L past papers and marking schemes 

I want to find G.C.E.A/L past papers and marking schemes. What are the websites that I can use for it?

Home based schooling in Sri Lanka 

We want to home school our child (10 years). How does that work in Sri Lanka ?
We just moved from the USA.

2017 - G.C.E. O/L past papers 

2017 සා.පෙළ. ව්‍යාපාර හා ගිණුම්කරණ අධ්‍යයනය ප්‍රශ්න පත්‍රය තිබේද?

Can I do A/L GIT this year? 

I am doing A/L next year 2019 1st shy as a private candidate but I want to do GIT in this year 2018. Is that possible?

Foreign medical graduate does not want to sit for ERPM 

What are the options for a fresh foreign medical graduate to do if he or she doesnt want to sit for the ERPM?

Want to learn DJing 

I want to study DJing.please any djs contact me who can teach Djing.I can pay hourly.
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