Technical college NVQ level 4 exam papers

Please send me technical college NVQ level 4 exam papers 2010 to 2017.

Can I sit for A/L without school leaving certificate?

අස්විමේ සහතිකය නැතුව උසස් පෙළ private දාන්න බැරිද ?
මම පාසල් ගිහිල්ලා නැ ඒ වුනාට අමතර පංති ගියා මට උසස් පෙළ ලියන්න ඕන අස්විමේ සහතිකය නැතුව කොහොමද ලියන්නේ

Can I prepare for Edexcel IAL in 3 months?

I have done local A/L s in this year in bio stream and I got 3S passes and I hope to do the IAL (edexcel) next year in same bio stream.
I want to know, can I pass that exam by preparing for it from just 6 months (3 units from bio, chemistry and physics)? And will it hard for me?

What is the difference between OUSL English degree and USJP English Degree?

Open university English Degree ekei, Jayewardhanapura English Degree ekei tiyana wenasa mokakda?
Deken mona degree eka kalothda Teaching apply karanna puluwan?

ICT O/L in Tamil

Publish 5 ICT [OL] Models Papers & 3 Past papers with answer in Tamil

Looking for a female teacher to teach Mobile repairing and Computer Repairing

i am looking for a female teacher who would be able to teach me mobile repairing,computer repairing etc.and also who can visit my house to teach me.a quick response would be greatly appreciated!!!!

How to Check Ordinary Level - O/L - Exam results online

I want to check my Ordinary level [O/L] exam results online. I know there is a website to view results but can not remember the web address.

O/L ICT past papers

o/l ict pass papers in both english and sinhala

OUSL Entrance Examination

I have to sit the entrance exam of ousl. please send me past papers and class details.

BA University of Peradeniya Subjects

what are the subjects offered for external degree BA at university of peradeniya?

How to get O/L index number

I want to get my O/L index no. i was sit back in 2006. how can i do that.

How to find the index number of GCE O/L exam

I do not remember my GCE O/L exams index number in 2010. Therefore I want to know how find my index number.

O/L result sheets are Lost

My O/L results sheets (2010,2011) are lost. How can I get those back.

OUSL PG Diploma in Education - Selection Test Papers

Hi, I am from Sri Lanka taking PG Diploma in Education selection test at OUSL this time, please share any selection test past paper.

Geography notes and past paper in Tamil medium

I am looking for Geography notes & past paper in Tamil. Please send

How to register as a private candidate for GCE A/L

Dear sir/madam
How can I do gce advance level as a private candidate. And I want to know ,where and when can I submit my competency project.please if anyone can help me with my question it will be helpful.
Thank you.

Can I select ICT for A/L in maths stream?

can I select ICT for A/L in maths stream? What are the advantages or disadvantages?

A/L 2019 - Exam papers based on old and new syllabus

We are doing A/L in 2019. That will be our first shy and we will get exam papers based on the new syllabus.

In that year, 2018 A/L students will do their 2nd shy and 2017 A/L students will do their 3rd shy. These students will get exam papers based on the old syllabus.

So in 2019 there will be two different sets of exam papers for the old and new syllabuses.

So how will they select students for the Medical faculty in 2019?

How to change the name in O/L and A/L certificates?

If I change my name in my birth certificate, then is it possible to change my name in O/L and A/L certificates?

Exam dates - Bank of Ceylon and Peoples Bank

Can you please tell me the following exam dates?
- Bank of Ceylon (BOC) - Trainee Staff Assistants
- People’s Bank - Management Trainees

How to find Lost / Forgot O/L exam index number?

My G.C.E. Ordinary Level exam's index number is lost? How to find it?

O/L 2016 re-correctoin of results

When is the application closing date for O/L 2016 re-scrutiny of results?

Is this my first A/L attempt or second attempt?

Dear Sir/Madam
I have applied for 2017 A/L biology stream and this is my first attempt. I have sent my application from the school. My question is, due to a private concern I cannot sit for the exam this year so if I sit for the exam next year will it be displayed as my first attempt or second attempt? (because in first attempt I won't sit for the exam)

How to find the lost index number of National school teaching exam?

My national school teaching exam index number lost. Please help to find out it? Can you please reply as soon as possible?

Without A/L Common General Test and General English exams, Can I apply for University entrance?

Would you please let me know whether it is necessary to apply for Common Test and General English for 3rd shy private candidates if they have got highest results in first and second attempts for those two subjects?

Also now has changed one main subject at third shy

Will it be a problem to apply for university entrance if they do not apply for common test at the last attempt?

Interview dates - National College of Education

I want to know about date that interview calling for national vidyapeeta which is calling application from 2016 A/L

IABF Past papers

i need IABF exam past paper

Should I select Local syllabus in English medium or Cambridge Syllabus

I have to send my child to international school. I have no idea whether local syllabus in English medium is better for him or Cambridge syllabus is better. He is 5 years old. I do not know what are the job opportunities for Cambridge studied students in Sri Lanka. Help me please. Thank you

How to find O/L Index number?

My O/L index number is lost.
I want to find my index number?
How can I find it?
Please help me please?

Can I do only Combined Maths for A/L exam?

I have sat my advanced level examination in 2014 in biology stream as my first attempt and in 2015 in same stream as my second attempt. I would like to face GCE A/L examination on 2020 in Mathematics stream. Is it possible to take just combined mathematics as the only subject? I do not need to enter state university.

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