Can my son go to a University with A/L 4th attempt?

What would happen if the candidates get sick during the examination period and are they allowed to apply for a fourth  attempt?
My son got sick and he is suffering from fever and he is doing his third attempt. He sat for Biology paper but couldn't sit for the Physics paper.
So will he be eligible to apply for a 4th attempt to sit the exam for university entrance?
Thank you

DFCC Bank exam past papers

Dear sir can you send me past paper of DFCC bank exam.subjects are Sinhala and English

How to do A/L exam 1st time as a private candidate?

A/L private 1st time karanawanm kohomada api karanna one. kisima deyak danne na.kohoada apply karanne

In the first attempt can I get selected to Medical Faculty as a private candidate?

In the first attempt can I get selected to Medical Faculty if I apply as a private candidate ?

Sri Lanka Law Entrance Exam - Entry Requirements

I want to enter to the Sri Lankan Law college. I have passed only O/Ls. With this qualifications, can I sit for the Law entrance exam?

How to sit for O/L exam without an ID card?

My ID card has not come. Can you help me to get O/L ID card? I do not know my ID card number. I will face 2017 O/L
Please help me

Which Government universities I can select?

What are the government universities I can go if I choose combined Maths, Physics and ICT for A/L?
Please tell me about that.

Banking assistant exam past papers of Cargills bank

Dear sir,can you send me trainee banking assistant exam past papers of Cargills bank

How to check O/L results of year 1998?

I forgot my index number. I want to know my O/L results in 1998 Sri Lanka

How to apply for Australia Awards Scholarships?

Can someone please tell me more information on Australia Awards Scholarship. Who is eligible to apply for these scholarships?

How to find Lost / Forgot O/L exam index number?

My G.C.E. Ordinary Level exam's index number is lost? How to find it?

What is Sri Lanka Skills passport? How can I get one?

What is Sri Lanka Skills passport? How can I get one?

Spelling errors in O/L result sheet

I did O/L in 2010.
I got my result sheet in 2013 from school but there is some spelling mistake on result sheet.
How can I correct it.?
plz help me.
thank you.

Nations Trust Bank past exam papers

Please send me nations trust bank exam past papers?

When will A/L 2016 results be released?

On which day A/L 2016 results will be released?

A/L Japanese language past papers

Where can I find A/L Japanese language past papers?

Possible to select two subjects other than Sinhala from the same category?

කලා විෂයෙන් උසස්පෙළ විභාගයට පෞද්ගලිකව අයදුම් කරන කෙනෙකුට සිංහල ඇරෙන්න අනිත් විෂයයන් දෙක එකම කාන්ඩයකින් තෝරගන්න පුළුවන්ද?

General Certificate of Education (Advanced Level) Examination - 2022(2023) - Timetable

G.C.E. A/L Examination - 2022(2023) - Timetable

Psychology and counselling Entrance exam past papers

Can I have some entrance exam past papers for honors in Psychology and counselling?

A/L Roman Catholic Question Papers

hello ,sir/madam, i want A/L Roman Catholic Question Papers with answers past 05 years in sinhala medium 2009/12/22 thank you

Can I do my 1st A/L privately?

Can I do my 1st A/L privately in Sri Lanka?

IABF Past papers

i need IABF exam past paper

Can I do ICT for A/L without Physics?

I am a A/L bio student. Can I do ICT without physics in A/L?

Is it possible to do A/L with O/L 4/5?

Is it possible to do A/L with O/L 4/5 (i.e. with following results)

Sinhala - A
Vidyawa - S
Buddagama - C
Music - A
Kushikarmaya - A

Can I do A/L as a private candidate?

Do I need to sit for General English and Common General Test exams?

I am facing my second shy this year, will I need to write the general English and common general test this year ? And if I do not write my English or common general test will I get the results in 2 certificates?

Results of Buddhist Dharmacharya examination

I want to know the results of Buddhist dharmacharya examination (2015) 2016.

Is Sri Lankan A/L Exam easier than Edexcel for Cambridge GCE?

Is Sri Lankan A/L exam easier than Edexel or Cambridge GCE ?

G.C.E.[O/L] Buddhism Model papers

Can I have Buddhism model papers for O/Ls 2017?

How to find O/L district rank?

How can I find my 2016 O/L district rank online?

A/L rank is decided from the district where you went to school or the district where you live?

3rd Shy ලියද්දි rank එක බලන්නේ පාසැල් ගිය දිස්ත්‍රික්කයෙන්ද, නැත්නම් පදිංචි දිස්ත්‍රික්කයෙන්ද?
පදිංචි දිස්ත්‍රික්කයෙන් නම් පාසැල් ගිය දිස්ත්‍රික්කයෙන් හදා ගන්න බැරිද?

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