A/L 2011 - Syllabus

Dear teacher,
I am in Kuwait state & I am working here in a company, I hope to face the A/L exam in 2011, but I do not have the syllabus [in sinhala medium] for A/L 2011, kindly can you send it for me my email address which I given you in above
your faithfully student

GIT & Economic Syllabus

plz send me a GIT & Economic 2011 syllabus .

Information on GIT and ICT syllabus

I want to get the details for the GIT syllabus and ICT syllabus. I am a teacher of some institute and I want to know what are the steps we have to do GIT and ICT students.

Western/Easter music and Art sylllabus

Who can help me get the syllabus - at least an outline syllabus for Western Music, Eastern Music and Art for Grade 1 to 5.

Need a syllabus for 2014

I need a syllabus for 2014. Is it still same as previous one?

Edexcel, Cambridge Maths and Science syllabus

Can I please have the edexcel/Cambridge maths and science syllabus from grade 6 to 11

Grade 8 Syllabus

I want to know syllabus for grade 8th

Grade 8 geography syllabus

give me grade 8 geography English medium syllabus .

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 Edexcel and Cambridge Chemistry 

online chemistry
online chemistry