Awards and Testimonials was the great website for both teachers and Students. Really a useful web. A great salute to FAT.LK is a superb app which helps to find teachers and which helps to children's education. Best of luck

It is an awesome website for all the Teachers and Students. A great Salute to FAT.LK

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Great place for everyone.

This is a good website which has many advantages


Actually Very useful website for both Teachers and students,

Its good website to select a teacher for student and teachers can post their add via this website

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It is amazing is a good and useful website.

This website is very good

This is an amazing platform where a lot of teachers with experience , skills and students who seek knowledge can meet. This has helped me as a teacher to improve my teaching skills. Also I believe it provides opportunities to a lot of us.

Nice one

A best site for teachers and students. Keep it up your good work forever.

Flawless design, easy to use.

This is good online platform to all kind of tutors to develop their brands.
Website has well prepared with all details.

Best platform for teachers to introduce their services.

This's useful & supportive website for both teachers & children

Thanks. really this is an impressive service.

This is really good website. Appreciate your service in making people knowledgeable.

Excellent platform for ads.

Good Work . Tnks

Good website for anyone who seeks a professional education.

This website helps more and more for the teachers like us to get some values for our career. I appreciate to join with you.

Excellent website for Sri Lankan Educators and Students.


Excellent. Great website

its very good

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