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It is commendable that such a website has been establised. It would be beneficial for all parties concerned if more publicity was given to the web site. Idea should be to be on par with Top Jobs. Anyone who has access to the net looks into topjobs if they want to find a jib. Similarly this should be the site to look for if one requires to find out details pertaining to education. Good luck !

NEXT School of Business

This is a excellent opportunity for all of us looking for opportunities at the educational area and the students to find a way to get the education as a suggestion it would be much helpful if you can post the relevant syllabuses and supporting activities and create a online web chat programs to discuss any difficulties in the subject matter


I think it is very helpful and it helps to achieve persons life and future. Also, I wish it will bring good results to persons aims, as in to achieve to a good standard. I thank to \"\" web, and the once who are working, for promoting these kind of services that help peoples achievements. Thank you very much.....!

Miss. Needhu Ranaweera

It is very good platform to make coordination among teachers and students. It is fulfilling essential need in current society.
Teaching should be updated with modern technology for effective teaching and to make creative next generation. So we must come out of classrooms and teach in virtual space.

Gayana Thimbiripolage

I think this is a very good, where current world is based on computerized. This will motivate everybody who has computer literacy.where we can compete with the global market.

Should encourage more and more for the e learning, where we can capture international market.

Zahir Larif

I think your site has doing good service to both teachers to and students. First I came in to search a teacher for my BIT examinations. I found good and Best more. Then I decided to advertise here, information about our Institute. FAT helped me both ways.Thanks a lot.

The Computer Adventure

You site is so valuable and advantage-able for both teachers and students. As this is the only website specifically designed to promote educational adverts, by checking the responses of this first ad , I am willing to go towards your packages. Good Luck!

Unex Language Academy

This is a good opportunity for students to find a qualified teachers and same as teachers who conduct private classes and institutes to fine more students without paying advertisements fees. Thank u guys for running this type of web site for us.

Thiyagi Wijayasena

Pretty clear to search and understand. good to see quite a lot of viewers. if you put additional effort in positioning your name with continuous advertisements in news paper, Can penetrate into further connections to this link.


I greatly appreciet your service as well as we do a great service to students teaching Music and to play an instrument. I do not create Music labourers who are talented on the instrument without theory. Thanks, Lal De Saram

"Tremulou" School of Western Music
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