Is Sri Lankan A/L Exam easier than Edexcel for Cambridge GCE?

Is Sri Lankan A/L exam easier than Edexel or Cambridge GCE ?

Can private A/L candidates go to government universities?

Dear Sir/Madam
I am a 2016 A/L student
I studied from 2014 to 2016 February in a school out of my district.
For a personal reason, I returned to my village and I registered in a school which is near to our village but in that school there are no teachers to teach my stream. They said the teachers will come soon, but still there are no teachers.
Because of that I am not going to sit for A/L this year.
How can I do my A/L exam as a private candidate? If I do A/L as a private candidate, Can I go to government universities?
Please help me solve this problem
Thank you!

Can I do my 1st A/L privately?

Can I do my 1st A/L privately in Sri Lanka?

Which syllabus is better - Edexcel or Cambridge

Hi, I have completed my local O/L's in December 2018 and currently planning to do London A/L's. But I have got no idea whether Edexcel or Cambridge syllabus is better. Can anyone help me to find the best option?

How to do A/L exam 1st time as a private candidate?

A/L private 1st time karanawanm kohomada api karanna one. kisima deyak danne na.kohoada apply karanne

Can I do A/L without O/L?

I have completed my Cambridge o-levels. I wish to sit for national A-levels privately next year, So is it possible for me to do A- levels as I have not done the local o-levels?

Can I sit for National A/Levels with the knowledge of Cambridge syllabus?

Dear Sir/Madam,
Is it possible to sit for national A/levels (Economics & Business Studies) with the knowledge of Cambridge syllabus!! Or could there be vast differences between the two?

Will I loose one of the three opportunities I have to enter university?

2017 වසරේ උසස් පෙළ විභාගයට පෙනී සිටින අතරතුර ඩෙංගු උණ සෑදුන නිසා රෝහල්ගත වී නේවාසිකව ප්‍රතිකාර ලබාගැනීමට සිදුවිය. එමනිසා මට එම වසරේ ALවල ලිවීමට හැකිවූයේ එක් විෂයක් පමණි. (ජාතික රෝහලෙන් දුන් medical reports ද ඇත)
මට විශ්ව විද්‍යාලයට ඇතුළු වීමට ඇති අවස්ථා තුනෙන් එක් අවස්ථාවක් අහිමිවෙනවද?.
medical report එක පෙන්වා එම අවස්ථාව ලබාගත හැකිද?

From which District can I sit for A/L 3rd attempt?

මම 2019 පලමු වරටත් 2020 දෙවෙනි වරටත් කෑගල්ල දිස්ත්‍රික්කයේ පාසලකින් උසස් පෙල විභාගයට පෙනී සිටියා. මම රත්නපුර දිස්තික්කයේ පදිංචි අයෙක්. මට තුන්වැනි වරට විභාගයට පෞද්ගලික අයදුම්කරුවෙක් ලෙස පෙනී සිටිය හැක්කේ මා පදිංචි රත්නපුර දිස්තික්කයෙන්ද? නැතහොත් උසස්පෙල ඉගෙනුම ලැබූ සහ පලමු සහ දෙවන වරට උසස්පෙලට පෙනී සිටි කෑගල්ල දිස්ත්‍රික්කයෙන්ද?

Can I do ICT for A/L without Physics?

I am a A/L bio student. Can I do ICT without physics in A/L?

Can I do A/L exam as a private candidate without leaving the school?

මම school එකෙන් අස්වීම නොගෙන a/l exam private apply කලා. එතකොට application එක cancel වෙනවද ?ඇත්තටම මන් දැනගෙන හිටියෙ නෑ private apply කරන්න school එකෙන් අස්වීම ගන්න ඕනි කියලා. දැන් මම මොකද කරන්නේ? ඒකට විසදුමක් තියෙනවද ? plz reply soon.

Advanced Level ICT and GIT

Dear Sir/Madam

I have following questions about Advanced Level syllabus. Can you please help me?

1) Is there a subject called GIT (General Information Technology) for A/L Students?

2) Is there a subject called ICT (Information and Communication Technology) for A/L students?

3) If the above two subjects exist, then what is the difference between ICT and GIT?

Thank you very much

How to apply for GCE A/L exam for the third time?

Dear sir/madame,
How can I apply for the GCE A/L exam for the third time if I am applying for the same subjects as I did in the first two times? Can I do it through school?

Is GIT and general English compulsory for A/L

Dear madam/sir,
I am a student from 2022 advanced level batch (local syllabus).
I want to know that Is GIT and general English compulsory for A/L and how many subjects totally we should do in the A/L examination

Need advice on doing A/L science stream in English medium

I am an after O/L student and I did O/Ls in Sinhala Medium. But now I am thinking to do A/Ls in Science stream. I am thinking to do A/Ls in English Medium. I do not what is the easy and best for me.
Can you give me an advice?

Can I do A/Ls in Science Stream?

මම පොස සාමාන්‍ය පෙළ විභාගය කරා 2022 විෂයන් නමයක් සමත්වී සම්මාන හයක් ඇත මට ගණිතයට S සාමාර්ථයක් සහ විද්‍යාවට S සාමාර්ථයක් ඇත. අවශ්‍ය වන්නේ විද්‍යා අංශයෙන් උසස් පෙළ හැදෑරීමට හැකියාවක් තිබේද යන්න දැනගැනීම පමණි.

Home Science, Dance, Drama and Music practical tests for GCE A/L

Is there an institute which conducts practical tests for Home Science, Dance, Drama and Music of GCE A/L Examination for private applicants

Can I do A/L Science subjects without O/L maths

Dear Sir /Madam I have got a c pass for science in gce ordinary level and i have failed mathematics. I am expecting to choose science stream for advance i want to know weather I can choose science stream for advance level while doing maths for the second time.
expecting a reply soon.

Thank you

A/L 2017 - What is the center number of Nugegoda Examination centre?

What is the city number of Nugegoda for GCE A/L exam 2017?

Do I need to get 6 passes in one sitting in the O/L exam to get admitted for A/Ls?

Is it must to have 6 passes in O/L exam in one sitting to get admitted for A/L exam
6 passes in two sittings accepted?

How to cancel A/L private candidate application?

I applied for A/L 2017 exam as a private candidate but I didn't sit for the exam due to health problem. Now I want to cancel my private candidate application and apply again next year 2018.
Can you please let me know to cancel 2017 private application?

Is this my first A/L attempt or second attempt?

Dear Sir/Madam
I have applied for 2017 A/L biology stream and this is my first attempt. I have sent my application from the school. My question is, due to a private concern I cannot sit for the exam this year so if I sit for the exam next year will it be displayed as my first attempt or second attempt? (because in first attempt I won't sit for the exam)

Can my son go to a University with A/L 4th attempt?

What would happen if the candidates get sick during the examination period and are they allowed to apply for a fourth  attempt?
My son got sick and he is suffering from fever and he is doing his third attempt. He sat for Biology paper but couldn't sit for the Physics paper.
So will he be eligible to apply for a 4th attempt to sit the exam for university entrance?
Thank you

When will A/L 2016 results be released?

On which day A/L 2016 results will be released?

A/L Japanese language past papers

Where can I find A/L Japanese language past papers?

Possible to select two subjects other than Sinhala from the same category?

කලා විෂයෙන් උසස්පෙළ විභාගයට පෞද්ගලිකව අයදුම් කරන කෙනෙකුට සිංහල ඇරෙන්න අනිත් විෂයයන් දෙක එකම කාන්ඩයකින් තෝරගන්න පුළුවන්ද?

General Certificate of Education (Advanced Level) Examination - 2022(2023) - Timetable

G.C.E. A/L Examination - 2022(2023) - Timetable

Is it possible to do A/L with O/L 4/5?

Is it possible to do A/L with O/L 4/5 (i.e. with following results)

Sinhala - A
Vidyawa - S
Buddagama - C
Music - A
Kushikarmaya - A

Can I do A/L as a private candidate?

Do I need to sit for General English and Common General Test exams?

I am facing my second shy this year, will I need to write the general English and common general test this year ? And if I do not write my English or common general test will I get the results in 2 certificates?

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