How to register as a private candidate for GCE A/L

Dear sir/madam
How can I do gce advance level as a private candidate. And I want to know ,where and when can I submit my competency project.please if anyone can help me with my question it will be helpful.
Thank you.

Is Sri Lankan A/L Exam easier than Edexcel for Cambridge GCE?

Is Sri Lankan A/L exam easier than Edexel or Cambridge GCE ?

Which subjects can I select in A/L Arts stream?

I did A/L in Bio stream but I passed only two subjects.

I have a diploma in Construction Technology (NVQ 6) but when I apply for Government jobs they ask for 3 passes in A/Ls.

Since I need to get 3 passes in A/Ls, I am going to sit for A/Ls again. I assume that I should be able to get 3 passes in A/Ls easily in Arts stream than in Bio stream. Therefore I decided to changed my stream from Bio to Arts.

Which subjects can I select in Arts stream? How can I apply for the exam? I am 29 years old.

Can you please help me?

How to change from A/L Bio stream to Art stream?

I did A/L exam in 2014 & 2015 in Bio steam & I could not get good results. So now I want to study in art stream and going to write exam in 2018. How can I change my stream?

Is it possible to do A/L without O/L according to the latest rules?

නවතම නීතිරීති අනුව අපොස (ස/පෙළ) නොමැතිව උවද (උසස් පෙළ) කළහැකිද? මෙවර කලා විෂය දාරාවෙන් මා මාස 6න් උසස්පෙළ පටමලාවක් හදාරන අතර සාමාන්‍යපෙළ නොමැත. එම ගුරුවරුන් එය ගැටළුවක් නැතිබව පැවසූ නමුත් වැඩි විස්තර දැනගැනීමට අවශ්‍යය වී ඇත. කරුණාකර පිළිතුරක් ලබාදෙන්න.

Can I do my 1st A/L privately?

Can I do my 1st A/L privately in Sri Lanka?

Is it possible to do A/L with O/L 4/5?

Is it possible to do A/L with O/L 4/5 (i.e. with following results)

Sinhala - A
Vidyawa - S
Buddagama - C
Music - A
Kushikarmaya - A

Can I do A/L as a private candidate?

Submitting a project for A/L private candidates?

Is submitting the project compulsory for A/L Private Candidates?

How to get O/L and A/L results certified for foreign employment?

Dear Sir/Madam
I am planning to go abroad to work. To apply for the job, I need to submit my O/L and A/L certified exam results.
How to get my results certified?
Can I get this done from Examinations department?
Thank you

Which syllabus is better - Edexcel or Cambridge

Hi, I have completed my local O/L's in December 2018 and currently planning to do London A/L's. But I have got no idea whether Edexcel or Cambridge syllabus is better. Can anyone help me to find the best option?

Which A/L subjects should I select to become a Software Engineer?

මට දැනගන්න පුලුවන්ද හොද පිළිගැනීමක් තියෙන Software Engineer කෙනෙක් වෙන්න A/L වලට තෝර ගන්න ඕන විෂය ධාරාව හා විෂයන්.

Can a Management undergraduate do A/L again?

දැනට විශ්ව විද්‍යාලයේ කළමනාකරණ උපාධියක් හදාරන කෙනෙක්ට මේ 3 වන වසර. එයාට ආසයි ගණිත අංශයෙන් නැවත උසස් පෙළ කරන්න. මට එහෙම අවස්ථාවක් තියෙනවද?
තියෙනවද?. එහෙම පුළුවන් නම් ඒවට අදාල කොන්දේසි එහෙම සහ කළකළයුතු ඇගයීම් එහෙම සම්පූර්ණ කරන්නේ කොහොමද
එහෙම කරන්න බැරිනම් ගණිත උපාධියකට යන්න වෙන අවස්ථාවක් තියෙනවද?.

This is the 3rd year for someone who is currently studying for a degree in Management at the University. He wants to do A/L again in Mathematics. Do I have such an opportunity?
have?. If so, how to complete the relevant conditions and the assessments to be made If you can't do that, is there another way to get a math degree? Please help me.

Is General English compulsory for A/L from 2023?

Is General English compulsory for A/L from 2023

Can I do A/L commerce as a private candidate?

I hope to sit for the A/L exam in 2018. I studied in Maths stream but now I want to change my stream into commerce but my school did not give the permission for it.
What should I do now?
Can I do commerce as a private candidate?
Please reply as soon as possible.
Thank you!

Can I do A/L Science subjects without O/L maths

Dear Sir /Madam I have got a c pass for science in gce ordinary level and i have failed mathematics. I am expecting to choose science stream for advance i want to know weather I can choose science stream for advance level while doing maths for the second time.
expecting a reply soon.

Thank you

How to do A/L exam 1st time as a private candidate?

A/L private 1st time karanawanm kohomada api karanna one. kisima deyak danne na.kohoada apply karanne

Around colombo which schools teach Korean Language

Mata A/L walata Korean ugannana schools monawada kiyala dana ganna puluwanda. Colombo awata.

A/L 2017 - What is the center number of Nugegoda Examination centre?

What is the city number of Nugegoda for GCE A/L exam 2017?

Local A/L Science stream English medium notes

Hi, is there anyone here doing their local AL science stream English medium this year? Or anyone who did it last year? If so pls can u share me your notes with me? I will get a copy of it and return it carefully. Pls anyone here willing to help me?

Which subjects are available to choose under Advanced Level Mathematics stream?

උසස් පෙළ ගණිත විෂය ධාරාව යටතේ තෝරා ගත හැකි විෂයයන් මොනවාද?

A/L Commerce Papers

I want a/l commerce papers in Tamil medium

2011 A/L Chemistry notes

I am 2011 batch A/L student. I want chemistry notes and i want someones help to clear my doubts.

Can I do A/L Commerce without O/L Mathematics?

Man o/l exam kale 2015. man commerce B ekak samaga pass unath maths fail una.mata eth a/l krnna ona una nisa mn privet kranna classes valata giya.mata aken ganan navatha vara liyanna bari a/l valata hadaruveth commerce.mata 2018 a/l liyanna bari veida maths nathi nisa.privet krna nisa mata barida 2019di ganan liyanna.ita kalin a/l hodin nima krnna mata ona.mata meka loku prashnayak.privet livbath o/l maths thibiya yuthuda.ese nm man eya mevara sampurna karannada.ane mata haki ikmanin pilithurak labadenna karunakara.

How to change A/L Subject from Physics to Business Statistics

2020 උසස් පෙල පොදු කාණ්ඩය යටතේ සංයුක්ත ගණිතය, භෞතික විද්‍යාව, තොරතුරු හා සන්නිවේදන තාක්ෂණය යන විෂයන් සඳහා පෙනී සිටි දරුවෙකුට, 2021 දී පොදු කාණ්ඩය යටතේ ඉහත සඳහන් විෂයන්හී භෞතික විද්‍යාව වෙනුවට ව්‍යාපාර සංඛ්‍යානය විෂය සමග අනිත් විෂයන් දෙක අයදුම් කල හැකිද? එසේ කිරීමට අප විසින් සිදු කල යුතු කටයුතු කිසිවක් තිබේද යන්න දැනුවත් කරනමෙන් ඉල්ලාසිටිමි

Can my son go to a University with A/L 4th attempt?

What would happen if the candidates get sick during the examination period and are they allowed to apply for a fourth  attempt?
My son got sick and he is suffering from fever and he is doing his third attempt. He sat for Biology paper but couldn't sit for the Physics paper.
So will he be eligible to apply for a 4th attempt to sit the exam for university entrance?
Thank you

A/L Professional Curriculum - General (common) and Applied Curriculum

I want to know about the common subject stream? Can I select these 3 subjects as my A/L subjects?
- Biology
- Agriculture
- Logic

What is A/L Korean Language Subject Number

මම කොරියානු භාෂාව AL කරනවා නමුත් මම දන්නෙ නෑ විෂය අංකය විභාගයේ

Is there a practical exam for A/L Home Economics subject?

Dear Sir/Madam
Can you please let me know whether there is a practical exam for Advanced Level Home Economics subject?
Thank you very much

Minimum results needed to do Cambridge A Levels in maths stream

Dear Mam/Sir
I am a Cambridge science stream o level student,

For Cambridge o levels I am doing ;
English literature

What are the most compulsory subjects I need to pass and the minimum results needed to do Cambridge A Levels in maths stream?

Can I write private Cambridge A Levels if I fail o level?

Please can I know this information

Is this my first A/L attempt or second attempt?

Dear Sir/Madam
I have applied for 2017 A/L biology stream and this is my first attempt. I have sent my application from the school. My question is, due to a private concern I cannot sit for the exam this year so if I sit for the exam next year will it be displayed as my first attempt or second attempt? (because in first attempt I won't sit for the exam)

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