Tamil Medium LLB past papers

Please be kind enough to send me the Tamil medium past papers of LLB selection exam. Pleaseeee

Open university LLB entrance exam past papers

I want to open university llb entrance exam past paper as soon as possible.

Sri Lanka Law Entrance Exam - Entry Requirements

I want to enter to the Sri Lankan Law college. I have passed only O/Ls. With this qualifications, can I sit for the Law entrance exam?

How to check LLB selection exam results?

How to check LLB selection exam results?

Can I sit for Law Entrance Examination?

I got simple passes for English both A/L and O/L . I passed A/L with B,B,C in commerce subject. I need to know whether I can do the Law entrance examination.

law entrance exam papers - new syllabus

I want law entrance exam papers( model question papers according to new syllabus) please send me soon.

Law entrance exam past papers

please send me law entrance exam past papers since 2009 up to 2013

Law entrance examination 2020 application closing date

I want to obtain Law entrance examination September 2020 application form and the closing date?

Structure of OUSL LL.B Degree entrance examination

Please explain the exam structure of conducted by Open University of Sri Lanka (OUSL)

Law entrance examination (Academic year 2018) application closing date

When is the application closing date of Law entrance examination (Academic Year 2018)?

Law entrance examination (Academic year 2018) application closing date

Looking for a law entrance evening class

I am looking for a law entrance evening class on week days in Colombo

Law entrance examination 2019 application closing date

I need Law Entrance examination 2019 application. How can I get it?

OUSL Bachelor of Laws Degree - Entry Requirements

I want to follow Bachelor of Laws Degree Programme offered by The Open University of Sri Lanka. May I know the entry requirements. I have only ALs. Is that sufficient?

Classes for Law Entrance Exam in Kandy

is there any college in kandy?can you define about the course & duration?when will call for an entrance examination in 2014/2015?please can you inform me

I want to practice law in Sri Lanka

I am a legal Practitioner in NSW Australia. I want to practice law in Sri Lanka. What must I do.

Are my results sufficient to sit for Law Entrance Exam?

I sat for the O/L in 2011 and also A/L in 2014. I have pass O/L. I got 6 credits but I got one week pass for science. And also I have done A/L with art subjects. Logic-c , sinhala-c, English-c, but I got week pass for economic. I am very interesting to enter to law degree examination. Are these results will be enough to sit for the law entrance exam? Please inform me?

LLB entrance exam admission number Lost

What is my LLB entrance exam admission number?

model papers for law entrance examination

Please send me past and model papers for law entrance examination to be held on Jan 2015

Research proposal for a LLM

Need assistance to do a research proposal for a LLM.

Can foreign LLB graduates register at Sri Lanka Law College as students?

I have a LLB degree from a foreign University (UK). I want to register at Sri Lanka Law College as an Attorney-at-law student.
Is that possible? If yes, what is the procedure?
Thank you

Open University LLB entry requirements

I would like to appear for LLB entrance exam from Open University of Sri Lanka. what qualification should I have to sit for the entrance exam and when is the closing date ?

What is the difference between Studying law at Open University and Sri Lanka Law College?

What are the difference between doing law at Open university and Sri Lankan Law College? also how can i get the all study materiel in Tamil language?

Structure of Law College entrance examination

Can you please let me know the structure of the Law College entrance exam? How many papers are there?

After studying music, can I apply for the law college?

මම 2017 A/l කරනවා. විෂයන් සිංහල, දේශපාලන විද්යාව සහ සංගීතය වෙනව.මට තියන ගැටලුව සංගීතය හදාරා නීති විද්යාලයට අයදුම් කළ හැකිද යන්නයි.
Please help! Thank you !

Tutor for LLB Entrance Examination

Im going to face LLB ENTRANCE exam.I need papers, and i want to know something about next entrence exam, [ model papers or test papers ] of LLB entrance examination in open university. Pls is there some one can teach me

Law Entrance Exam 2015 Dates

When will be the Law Entrance Exam 2015 held?

Is there a 3 months diploma in law?

My daughter is just finishing her O/L exams. She will have 3 months free time until she starts A/L classes. Is there any 3 months diploma courses in Sri Lanka related to law education? She is planning to do Law entrance after A/Ls.

Law Entrance Exam in Kandy

I wish to follow the law entrance exam in 2015 year.How can i participation for that in Kandy area?

Failed to register as an attorney

I completed LLB degree in 2005 at Colombo University as an external student while I was employed at an insurance company. I had to devote myself to complete it undergoing financial difficulties and leave problems. But I failed to register as an attorney as it was difficult to get approved leave for the examination. So I had to wait until the retirement. But now I have been informed that there is no chance for it under the present age limit rule. At the time I did the degree there was no such rule. Please look in to this matter and give a solution for this.

Law entrance exam age limit

I want to know the law entrance exam age limit

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