Which pen / colors can I use for O/L exam?

Are we allowed to use a fountain pen for GCE OL Exam ? If yes which colors are allowed ? What is your experience regarding fountain pens in an exam - will the invigilators confiscate it ? I am a student facing OL in 2022.

Selecting subjects for O/Ls

Now we have to fill the form to choose the subject which we are doing for O/Ls.

So from the first bucket, I selected Commerce. So there is a chance for all the students, We can select any medium.

So the problem is, I like English but my mom is telling that Sinhala Medium will be easy.

But there is another problem, I have to learn all the mathematical words in English.

So I am afraid of choosing Sinhala because I won't be able to handle that within two years.

And most of the classes are in Sinhala. So what should I do? If I continue with English, I am afraid, I won't be able to handle it, accounting part is easy for me in English but if I continue with Sinhala, I am afraid that, I won't be able to handle it too. Theory part is easy for me in Sinhala

Spelling errors in O/L result sheet

I did O/L in 2010.
I got my result sheet in 2013 from school but there is some spelling mistake on result sheet.
How can I correct it.?
plz help me.
thank you.

How to find O/L district rank?

How can I find my 2016 O/L district rank online?

How to get 9As in O/L?

How to get 9A's in O/L? I am to face O/Ls this year so I want some tips / advise / guidelines please.

Age requirement for GCE O/L

I want to sit for the G.C.E. O/L exams next year . But I will be 15 years old. Will I be allowed to do my exams?

How to sit for O/L exam without an ID card?

My ID card has not come. Can you help me to get O/L ID card? I do not know my ID card number. I will face 2017 O/L
Please help me

Which syllabus my son should choose - Local or Cambridge

My son is in an International School, when he goes to Grade 9 we have to select whether he wants to do his O/L's following Local syllabus GCE O/L or Cambridge exams. I am a bit confused as the school follows the Local - Sri Lankan English Medium syllabus until grade 9 and then only he will be transferred to the Cambridge syllabus in Grade 9 to do his Cambridge exams in 2 years. Will it be a bit difficult to him to get adopted to the Cambridge syllabus and do the Cambridge exams. What do you think? Please advice whether I have to go for the Local Syllabus and if he studies local syllabus (O/L & A/L) incase if he goes abroad will that qualification be accepted?

Thanks a lot in advance.

Ordinary Level Japanese Syllabus

I want to know o/l japanese syllabus

O/L result sheets are Lost

My O/L results sheets (2010,2011) are lost. How can I get those back.

Can I do A/L, if I fail O/L maths for the 2nd time?

සාමන්‍ය පෙළ විභාගයේ දෙවන වරටත් ගණිතය අසමත් වූවොත් උසස් පෙළ හැදැරිය නොහැකිද?

O/L German Language Past Papers

I want O/L past papers of German language from 2012 to 2018

Want to know about O/L grading system

අ.පො.ස. (සා.පෙළ) විභාගයේදී ලකුණු අනුව ලබා දෙන ඉංග්‍රීසි අක්ෂරය පිළිබදව විස්තර ලබා දිය හැකිද?

Want to know about O/L grading system

How many times can I sit for G.C.E. O/L?

O/L උපරිම කී වාතාවක් කරන්න පුලුවන්ද? Plz කියන්නකෝ.

O/L 2016 re-correctoin of results

When is the application closing date for O/L 2016 re-scrutiny of results?

Western Province science and maths marking schemes

I need western Province science and maths 2019 marking scheme English medium

O/L Islam past papers with answers

Do you have Islam 2016, 2017, 2018 GCE past papers with answer sheet for Tamil medium

GCE O/L Saivaneri past papers

Please can u provide me the GCE O/L Saivaneri past papers in English medium.

Can I continue my studies?

I sat for O/L on 2000 and failed. I am working in UAE for the past 15 years. Is there any possibility to continues my studies? I am 36 years old.

How many times can I sit for O/L exam?

I want to know the number of times a person can sit for O/L exam.
And when we obtain the results sheet weather it shows the number of times we have sat for the exam. For example : Second shy, third shy etc.
Please help me.

How to prepare for the O/L exam?

There is only just one more month for my GCE O/L exam.
How can I try to get an good results.
I also study private and wasn't able to study for the exams coz I was not well for a long period.
Can you give me some tips to get a good results within this one month?

What is more important - Grade 10 syllabus or Grade 11 syllabus

What is more important to study for G.C.E. (O/L) examination? Grade 10 syllabus or Grade 11 syllabus. How much of Grade 10 syllabus comes for the OL paper?

Can I do O/L Maths for the 3rd time?

I am failed in O/L maths examination and I repeated my O/L maths for 2 times but I didn't get the result that I expected. Now I am doing my A/L final year. It is too difficult to manage my A/L subject with maths. Is there any solution ? Pls give me an idea. Can I do my O/L maths examination after my A/L? Dear sir /madam please give me a solution as soon as possible.

ICT marking scheme

Please send me a 2010 O/L ICT marking scheme and science marking scheme very soon. Thank you

When will O/L 2017 re-correction results will be released?

When will be the results of re-correction released for OL 2017?

Can I sit for O/Ls without the NIC?

Are there are alternatives for NIC that I can use to sit for O/Ls ?
If there is any, how should I apply.
I am sitting for O/Ls this year and I have a valid passport

GCE O/L Mathematics - New Class

i like to begin new classes for GCE O/L and grade 9,10. if you want to get my service call me 0715382331

Is French available as a G.C.E. O/L Subject?

Is French Language available as a subject in the GCE O Levels this year (2018)? Where can I get past papers?

Looking for a Sociology tuition

I am personally wondering if there are tuition teachers to teach me Sociology in Sri Lanka for O/L doing the Cambridge Syllabus

Tamil 1st language 2018 o/l past paper marking scheme

I need tamil 1st language 2018 o/l past paper marking scheme

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