Sri Lanka Law Entrance Exam - Entry Requirements

I want to enter to the Sri Lankan Law college. I have passed only O/Ls. With this qualifications, can I sit for the Law entrance exam?

Under which district my z-score is calculated?

Dear Sir / Madam

I want to know how I can find the district I belong to ( because z score is calculated district vice ) when I do my 3rd shy.

I did my O/Ls from Gampaha district.

Went to a Colombo school to do my A/Ls

Did 1st shy in 2015 from Colombo
Did 2nd shy in 2016 from Colombo
Planning to do my 3rd shy this year 2017

Since I am a resident of Gampaha will I be able to apply my district as Gamapaha? Or will it still be Colombo to which my z score is calculated ?

I want to know to which district I belong to when they calculate the z-score

Please help me to clarify this .

Thank you

A/L 2017 - What is the center number of Nugegoda Examination centre?

What is the city number of Nugegoda for GCE A/L exam 2017?

I failed A/L Exam

I failed in A/L exam. I do not know what to do next. Please give me some ideas.

How many times we can do Local A/L as a private candidate?

Dear Madam/Sir
How many times we can do Local A/L as a private candidate?
Please reply me as soon as possible!.
Thank you!!

Exam dates - Bank of Ceylon and Peoples Bank

Can you please tell me the following exam dates?
- Bank of Ceylon (BOC) - Trainee Staff Assistants
- People’s Bank - Management Trainees

B.Ed primary education selection test paper

Please send B.Ed primary education selection test paper

How to check Banking exam results online?

How to check IABF and DABF Banking exam results online?

Want to know about A/L grading system

උසස් පෙළ s සාමාර්ථය ලබා දෙන ලකුණු ප්‍රමාණය කොපමණද?

Want to know about A/L grading system

Which Government universities I can select?

What are the government universities I can go if I choose combined Maths, Physics and ICT for A/L?
Please tell me about that.

Open University Diploma in English entrance exam past papers

Plz give me a entrance exam papers in Diploma in English in open university of Sri Lanka

Can I do Mathematics for A/L?

I am a student who did O/L in 2013. I have A1, B5, C2, W1. So my question is can I do mathe for A/L?

Is Sri Lankan A/L Exam easier than Edexcel for Cambridge GCE?

Is Sri Lankan A/L exam easier than Edexel or Cambridge GCE ?

Sri Lanka Planning Service Exam past papers

I have applied for the Planning Service limited exam. If possible please send me some past or model papers. Otherwise direct me towards relevant links.

Thanking you.

Want to know about O/L grading system

අ.පො.ස. (සා.පෙළ) විභාගයේදී ලකුණු අනුව ලබා දෙන ඉංග්‍රීසි අක්ෂරය පිළිබදව විස්තර ලබා දිය හැකිද?

Want to know about O/L grading system

GCE O/L oriental music practical paper

Can you send GCE O/L oriental music practical papers please?

O/L 2016 re-correctoin of results

When is the application closing date for O/L 2016 re-scrutiny of results?

Japanese, Korean and ICT for A/L Exam

What are the government schools in Sri Lanka that conduct Japanese, Korean and ICT for A/L examination?

IBSL Past Papers

Ibsl past papers ewanna puluwanda

Can I do A/L exam as a private candidate without leaving the school?

මම school එකෙන් අස්වීම නොගෙන a/l exam private apply කලා. එතකොට application එක cancel වෙනවද ?ඇත්තටම මන් දැනගෙන හිටියෙ නෑ private apply කරන්න school එකෙන් අස්වීම ගන්න ඕනි කියලා. දැන් මම මොකද කරන්නේ? ඒකට විසදුමක් තියෙනවද ? plz reply soon.

A/L 2nd Shy result is lower than the 1st shy

Mn A/L kranne maths walin. First shy ekata wada second shy eke result eka adu unota first shy eke result eka salakanna berida?

Local A/L Science stream English medium notes

Hi, is there anyone here doing their local AL science stream English medium this year? Or anyone who did it last year? If so pls can u share me your notes with me? I will get a copy of it and return it carefully. Pls anyone here willing to help me?

Which subjects are available in London Edexcel / Cambridge A/Ls?

I would like to know the subjects in London A/Ls divided into different streams?

Sri Lanka Principals Service (SLPS) Case Study Paper

Can you kindly send me 2017 SLPS case study paper?

How to change the name in O/L and A/L certificates?

If I change my name in my birth certificate, then is it possible to change my name in O/L and A/L certificates?

How to withdraw from A/L exam?

How to withdraw from A/L exam?

Is school resignation certificate mandatory to apply A/L as a private candidate?

Is it mandatory to obtain a school resignation certificate when applying for A/L exam as a private candidate for the 2nd time?

Can I do my 1st A/L privately?

Can I do my 1st A/L privately in Sri Lanka?

Grade 2 past papers of Lyceum International School

I just wanted to find out past papers or monthly tests as well as the semester exams of grade 2 Lyceum International School

How to get O/L and A/L results certified for foreign employment?

Dear Sir/Madam
I am planning to go abroad to work. To apply for the job, I need to submit my O/L and A/L certified exam results.
How to get my results certified?
Can I get this done from Examinations department?
Thank you

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