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How to get O/L index number

I want to get my O/L index no. i was sit back in 2006. how can i do that.

Can I do A/L Arts with my O/L results?

මම හෝමාගමින් අමිත් ප්‍රියංකර.
මම O/L කරේ 2014.
මගේ ප්‍රතිපල මට අවේ 7/2 යි.
මට දැනගන්න ඕනි මට මේ ප්‍රතිපල තියාගෙන A/L ආර්ට් විෂයන් වලින් private කරන්න පුලුවන්ද කියලා.

*Maths වලට S.
*විද්‍යාවයි English W ඒ දෙක විතරයි මම fail.
*සිංහල C, කුෂිකර්මය B. අනිත් ඔක්කොටම මට S පාස් තියෙනව.

මම මෙයට උත්තරයක් බලාඅපොරෝත්තුවෙන් ඉන්නවා,
බොහොම ස්තූතියි.
පිළිතුරක් හැකිනම් මගේ gmail ගිණුමට හො phone නොම්බර් එකට දැනුම්දෙන්න පුළුවන් නම් සතුටුයි.

Is this my first A/L attempt or second attempt?

Dear Sir/Madam
I have applied for 2017 A/L biology stream and this is my first attempt. I have sent my application from the school. My question is, due to a private concern I cannot sit for the exam this year so if I sit for the exam next year will it be displayed as my first attempt or second attempt? (because in first attempt I won't sit for the exam)

Banking trainee past papers of RDB bank

Can you send rdb bank assistant exam past papers.?

Which syllabus my son should choose - Local or Cambridge

My son is in an International School, when he goes to Grade 9 we have to select whether he wants to do his O/L's following Local syllabus GCE O/L or Cambridge exams. I am a bit confused as the school follows the Local - Sri Lankan English Medium syllabus until grade 9 and then only he will be transferred to the Cambridge syllabus in Grade 9 to do his Cambridge exams in 2 years. Will it be a bit difficult to him to get adopted to the Cambridge syllabus and do the Cambridge exams. What do you think? Please advice whether I have to go for the Local Syllabus and if he studies local syllabus (O/L & A/L) incase if he goes abroad will that qualification be accepted?

Thanks a lot in advance.

Sri Lanka Planning Service Exam past papers

I have applied for the Planning Service limited exam. If possible please send me some past or model papers. Otherwise direct me towards relevant links.

Thanking you.

Banking exam past papers - Bank of Ceylon (BOC)

Could please send me to the staff assistant examination past papers of Bank of Ceylon?

Grade 5 scholarship exam results

How can I find Grade 5 scholarship exam results?

Open University nursing degree Entrance exam past papers

I am looking for past papers of open University nursing degree entrance exam. Please send any papers​.

GCE O/L oriental music practical paper

Can you send GCE O/L oriental music practical papers please?

Technical college NVQ level 4 exam papers

Please send me technical college NVQ level 4 exam papers 2010 to 2017.

Banking trainee past papers of commercial bank

Please send the banking trainee past papers of commercial bank

How to change the name in O/L and A/L certificates?

If I change my name in my birth certificate, then is it possible to change my name in O/L and A/L certificates?

Commerce 2014 O/L paper and marking scheme

I want commerce 2014 O/L paper and marking scheme as soon as possible

How to get O/L and A/L results certified for foreign employment?

Dear Sir/Madam
I am planning to go abroad to work. To apply for the job, I need to submit my O/L and A/L certified exam results.
How to get my results certified?
Can I get this done from Examinations department?
Thank you

A/L Maths stream entry requirement

I like to follow GCE A/L in maths stream. But I have a simple pass for O/L maths.
Can I follow not via school in privet.
Pleas answer.

DFCC Bank exam past papers

Dear sir can you send me past paper of DFCC bank exam.subjects are Sinhala and English

Can I select Korean Language for A/L?

Man a/l kare bio walin. E unata job ekakata yanna pass 3ma ona nisa aai mn a/l art walin karanna hituwa. Languages dekakui wena subject ekakui karanna hituwe. Korean language eka ape a/l walata karanna puluwanda? French toragttoth anik language ekai anit subject ekatai mn mokak toragattotda honda? Next yr wala mn karanna hitan inne. Pls ikmanata mata answer ekak denna.

Can I do International A/L exam after completing local O/L?

Can I do international A/Ls after doing local O/L exam without doing international O/Ls again?
I mean, can I switch to international A/Ls after doing local O/L?

Chemistry Past Papers

I need chemistry past papers from 2004 to 2009

How to check O/L results of year 1998?

I forgot my index number. I want to know my O/L results in 1998 Sri Lanka

When can the private candidates apply for G.C.E. A/L 2021?

2021 උසස් පෙල විභාගයට පෞද්ගලික අයදුම්පත් නිකුත්කරන දිනය කවදාද?

Will I loose one of the three opportunities I have to enter university?

2017 වසරේ උසස් පෙළ විභාගයට පෙනී සිටින අතරතුර ඩෙංගු උණ සෑදුන නිසා රෝහල්ගත වී නේවාසිකව ප්‍රතිකාර ලබාගැනීමට සිදුවිය. එමනිසා මට එම වසරේ ALවල ලිවීමට හැකිවූයේ එක් විෂයක් පමණි. (ජාතික රෝහලෙන් දුන් medical reports ද ඇත)
මට විශ්ව විද්‍යාලයට ඇතුළු වීමට ඇති අවස්ථා තුනෙන් එක් අවස්ථාවක් අහිමිවෙනවද?.
medical report එක පෙන්වා එම අවස්ථාව ලබාගත හැකිද?

Can I do my 1st A/L privately?

Can I do my 1st A/L privately in Sri Lanka?

University of Sri Jayawardenapura external degree programmes

I did my A/L in 2017. I want to follow an external degree [BA English] in University of Sri Jayawardenapura. When can I apply?

University of Sri Jayawardenapura external degree programmes

How to cancel A/L private candidate application?

I applied for A/L 2017 exam as a private candidate but I didn't sit for the exam due to health problem. Now I want to cancel my private candidate application and apply again next year 2018.
Can you please let me know to cancel 2017 private application?

NSB Officer trainee exam past papers

Dear Sir,
Is there any chance of calling NSB officer trainee exam this year 2017?
Can I have some papers relating to that.
Thank you.

What is the maximum oxidation state shown by d-block elements?

What is the maximum oxidation state shown by d-block elements

Exam dates - Bank of Ceylon and Peoples Bank

Can you please tell me the following exam dates?
- Bank of Ceylon (BOC) - Trainee Staff Assistants
- People’s Bank - Management Trainees

Can my son go to a University with A/L 4th attempt?

What would happen if the candidates get sick during the examination period and are they allowed to apply for a fourth  attempt?
My son got sick and he is suffering from fever and he is doing his third attempt. He sat for Biology paper but couldn't sit for the Physics paper.
So will he be eligible to apply for a 4th attempt to sit the exam for university entrance?
Thank you

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