Class rooms available for rent - கொழும்பு / கண்டி
Ramford Institute of Business Management - Class rooms available for rent on hourly / weekly & Monthly basis.
இடங்கள்: கண்டி, கொழும்பு

Excel Australian Education Centre - கொழும்பு, கண்டி, மாத்தறை
Excel Australian Education Centre - A student guidance agency and an international education representative.
இடங்கள்: கண்டி, பத்தரமுல்ல, மாத்தறை

Professional Assignment Writing / Editing / Proof reading / Sworn Translation Services
Professional Assignment Writing/ Proofreading/ Editing/ Translating Services by a team of experienced
இடங்கள்: மஹரகம

DuoLingo ஆங்கிலம் Test Preparation Practice Kit
The Duolingo English Test is an English proficiency test accepted by more than 500+ universities in the United States and Canada.
இடங்கள்: ஒன்லைன் வகுப்புக்களை

Study in Canada
Canada Visa Solutions - We can help you to successfully obtain your student visa without hassle.
இடங்கள்: நுகேகொடை

வெளிநாடு சென்று படித்தல் - ஆஸ்திரேலியா, ஐக்கிய ராஜ்யம், நியூசிலாந்து, மலேஷியா, சிங்கப்பூர், இந்தியா
A agency in Sri Lanka and the Maldives for selected tertiary institutions in ஆஸ்திரேலியா, ஐக்கிய ராஜ்யம், நியூசிலாந்து, மலேஷியா, சிங்கப்பூர், இந்தியா

Online papers - 2020 மே கேம்பிரிட்ஜ் தேர்வுகள்
Online papers are available for GCE OL Mathematics 4024 and Chemistry 5070 for now.
இடங்கள்: ஒன்லைன் வகுப்புக்களை

Rent a space for your tuition needs - நுகேகொடை
Apex Campus for Global Education - Are you a teacher looking for a space to establish your tuition classes?.
இடங்கள்: நுகேகொடை

Tuition Space Available - வாரியபொல / குருணாகல்
Athugalpura Higher Education College - Tuition Space Available.
இடங்கள்: வாரியபொல

Books, DVDs and Classes to learn ஆங்கிலம்
நிறுவனம்: Inter-cultural English Education Centre ඉංග්‍රීසි සාර්ථකව ඉගෙනීමට සිංහල හා සංසන්දනාත්මකව සකස්වූ ආචාර්ය ඇන්ටනි ප්‍රනාන්දුගේ පොත්, තැටි හා පන්ති.
இடங்கள்: கடவத்த

Space available for conduct Classes Computer Training and Workshops - நுகேகொடை
OpenArc School of Business and Technology - A/C Class Room spaces and Lab facilities are available, Capacity 22- 80 students.
இடங்கள்: நுகேகொடை

G20 Overseas Higher Education Consultants Pvt Ltd
It is with pride we state that we have firmly established ourselves as leader in the recruitment of local students to recognized Universities and Colleges in Australia, China, Malaysia, New Zealand

Youth Leadership Programs for local / International School children
நிறுவனம்: Borderlands - Our Youth Leadership Programs help develop both personal and inter-personal skills in a unique and safe learning environment

Educational Consultants - குருணாகல்
நிறுவனம்: Westgate College - Work and Student visa for Japan.
இடங்கள்: கண்டி, குருணாகல், மாத்தறை

Study in Japanese College and universities
TITL Tokyo Institute is specially established for promote Japanese language and culture.
இடங்கள்: நாவின்னை

Ilm Bookstore - கொழும்பு 8
Ilm Bookstore - We sell educational and interactive books to help grow your child’s knowledge.
இடங்கள்: கொழும்பு 08

Mighty Visa Consultancy Centre - ரட்மலான
Mighty Visa Consultancy Centre - We are one of the leading and experienced organizations in Colombo, Sri Lanka, providing Visa facilitation support services.
இடங்கள்: ரட்மலான

Work மற்றும் Study in Japan
நிறுவனம்: TITL Tokyo Institute Japanese Academy - 1 to 3 year Visa, Job opportunities, Hostel facilities, Airport pickup.
இடங்கள்: மஹரகம

Study anywhere in the globe
நிறுவனம்: ICAS - Among the numerous number of colleges teaching medicine, we have carefully hand picked the best set of college available in every country.
இடங்கள்: யாழ்ப்பாணம்

Books from grade 1 to 8 - English Language With Speaking Skills
We have books from grade 1-8. These are based on English Language skills of Speaking, reading and writing.
இடங்கள்: பிட கோட்டே

KC Overseas - கொழும்பு
KC Overseas - We help bring overseas education within reach of Sri Lanka students through our extensive experience of over two decades in the industry.
இடங்கள்: கொழும்பு 03

Dissertations for Degrees - பாணந்துறை
Preparation of dissertations (theses) for Ph.D's, Master's and other qualifications are undertaken.
இடங்கள்: பாணந்துறை

MBA assignments / Dissertation - Academic writing service
Professional and experience writing service to undertake assignment, dissertation, thesis, academic essay, case study, research.

School Resources Management System - EDUCAL
EDUCAL SRP is a comprehensive system which deals with all the administrational and operational aspects of Managing a School and educational institutes.
இடங்கள்: கண்டி, கொழும்பு 07

Grade 4-11 all syllabus, experieved online tutors
Grade 4-11 all syllabus.
இடங்கள்: ஒன்லைன் வகுப்புக்களை

 Grade 1 to A/L All Subjects