YouTube Maths School - Mathematics in Sinhala
G.C.E. O/L Mathematics in Sinhala. YouTube Maths School.
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CDs and DVDs of English Medium கணக்கியல் classes for A/L
Recorded lectures in CDs / DVDs with Text Notes with all elaborations will be sent to your postal address weekly.
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IIBM Institute - கம்பஹ
IIBM is a premium provider of foreign degree programmes facilitating students and professionals to leverage on the expertise of foreign and local lecturers.
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Edexcel ஆங்கிலம் மொழி A exam workshop
2 days workshop on exam preparation and easy study tips and techniques.
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Professional Support in Assignments, Dissertations, Thesis, Academic Essay
Are you struggling with meeting the deadlines of your assignment, dissertation or your thesis? Assignments, Dissertations, Academic Essay, Thesis, BDPs (Business Development Projects)

Class room available - கம்பஹ
220 square feet comfortable class room available on demand, 15 seats, A/C, Parking available at the public car park.
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Edexcel / Cambridge past papers / printouts / full book photocopying - very cheap rates
Instant and fast service at cheaper rates.
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Undertake assignments
We undertake projects, proposals, policy writing, dissertations, proof reading and thesis for MBA , MSc and PhD for following subjects.

Online Space ஐந்து a Digital School
CASaR - We provide online space, consultancy and support services to set-up your own online school, institute, Course.
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Osaka Higher Education Centre - நுகேகொடை
Osaka Higher Education Centre is a leading overseas student placement company.
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Class Rooms ஐந்து Lecturing purpose - கொஸ்வத்த
High visibility to the main road. Can accommodate 50 students at a time. Floor area approximately 850 square meters.
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research analysis, consultation, econometric modelling, research writing
Rashika Mudunkotuwa (பெண்) - MSc in Business Statistics, BBA Business Economics Specialized.
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Raven உயிரியல் Eighth edition
Authors: Raven, Johnson, Losos, Mason, Singer. Published by Tata McGraw-Hill edition.
Locations: Dehiwala, Onlineஇடங்கள்: ஒன்லைன் வகுப்புக்களை, தேஹிவல

Assignment consultancy on business related academic subjects
Assignment consultancy on business related academic assignments (any subject), thesis, case studies, projects, proof reading / editing.
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Quality and entertaining Home Learning Solutions for children
Over 30 years of expertise in providing children the most advanced Home Learning Solutions.
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MSC, MBA and Other Assignments
LMU Assignments - We are a team of qualified professionals specialized in Accountancy and Finance and Business Management.
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Modern Classrooms available on weekdays
Facility with modern classrooms available on weekdays for an educational partnership.
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Trust International Education - வென்னப்புவ
Trust International Education - An International Student counsellor, equipped with over 10 years of experience.
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Apply for foreign Universities through Internet
நிறுவனம்: Education Consultancy - We help to apply for foreign universities.
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Modern Class Room Space Available - பொரலஸ்கமுவ
Modern Class room space is available near Pepiliyana Junction - A/C Room, Small group classes (16 - 20 students), Glass white board, Parental area.
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Class Room Space Available - நுகேகொடை
Icon Academic center - A/C , Non A/c Room Space Available, Group Class / Mass Class, Modern Facilities, Scrutiny and the Protection.
இடங்கள்: நுகேகொடை

தரம் 5 - Exam preparation Game
Sri Lanka's First 2D computer game ever designed using national schools curriculum from Grade 3 to grade 5.
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Class Rooms Available (Non AC / AC)
Global Academy of Further Education - High secured location with ample parking provides classroom facilities for medium group classes.
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Small Classroom Space - பம்பலப்பிட்டி
A small class room in Bambalapitiya call me. Building is facing Duplication road.
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Home work help - Home visited தரம் 1 to 5
Sachini Wanigasekara (பெண்) - BSc undergraduate [University of Sri Jayawardenapura].
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