Need advice on doing A/L science stream in English medium

I am an after O/L student and I did O/Ls in Sinhala Medium. But now I am thinking to do A/Ls in Science stream. I am thinking to do A/Ls in English Medium. I do not what is the easy and best for me.
Can you give me an advice?


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Well, that depends on several factors: your performance in O/Ls, the fluency you have in English language and your career expectations.
If you have secured a good result in the O/L exam and willing to perform well in A/Ls as well, it would be best to do the exam in Sinhala medium even if you possess good English language skills.
Only if you have a career expectation in which doing the exam in English medium would be an added advantage, you may do so.
Otherwise, considering the Sri Lankan setting and your background, Sinhala medium would be the best.

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Well, finding good experienced government registered teachers will be difficult for you and will be more expensive depending on your parent’s financial situation. And also, sudden change will be more tough task for you. I have seen many students who hand done their O/L in English medium switching back to Sinhala in A/L’s for the same reason.

But switching to British curriculum is a good idea if you are thinking of selecting some other professional field after A/L will be much faster with less waiting period and can gather more working experience in the field.

But if you’re bright with your studies and datamined to going to medical college, language will not be an obstacle for you just like majority of the local doctors does. But English medium will be beneficial for you any way.

Think about all the possibilities and make the decision that will be more beneficial for you in the future. Any obstacle can be won if your tough enough.

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