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How to Check Ordinary Level - O/L - Exam results online

I want to check my Ordinary level [O/L] exam results online. I know there is a website to view results but can not remember the web address.
by Damith Kumarasinghe on September 23, 2010

O/L exam results can be viewed online from the website of Department of Education - Sri Lanka :
by Asitha on October 1, 2010
by Prabuddha Madhuranga Sudasinghe on November 1, 2010
Phone : 071-8258097
Email :

I need to check my [O/L] exam results in 2002.How can I do it?
by Bertram Dilshan on March 7, 2011
Phone : 0759799797
Email :

You can check your results from web. but only can find recently released results.If you want find earlier results you want to go Examination department.
by Upul Ranjan Kumarasinghe on March 8, 2011
Phone : 077-7412819
Email :

Hi Bertram Dilshan you can try this link: Right at the end of that page you would see a link "Requisition form for obtaining a secondary copy of Examination Results". Hope this helps
by Anisha on March 8, 2011
Phone : 077-2944011
Email :

Dept of examinations web site
by Dayan Cooray on March 8, 2011
Phone : 077-6762120

how should i know my O/L index number?? i done it in 2006. i know my results but i need to find my index number.
by nadira on April 28, 2011
Phone : +94716092231
Email :

To check GCE[O/L]Exam Results ONLINE, go to the web address first. Then click Step 3: Enter only your Index No. correctly under the title Finally your result will appear. Do not type your name and waste your time.
by Arumairathnam Sinnaiah on April 29, 2011
Phone : 077-7591123
Email :

type: and check your results
by Thushara De Saram on April 30, 2011
Phone : 071-8213164

I would like find out my O/L Result for my Job
by Muhamed Azaam on July 9, 2011
Phone : 0713536605
Email :

i would like to search results for 2009 GCE OL results , i could not find my number is 90216555. pls help.
by w.p. asanka prabath on November 7, 2011
Phone : 0778103503
Email :

I need to chek my [o/l ]exam results in 2011 how can i do it
by vivek on March 20, 2012
Email :

Kawadada result enne....................................
by Thisara Ranjeewa on March 22, 2012
Phone : 0778622264
Email :

I have done my G.C.E.O/L exam in 2005, I have applied for re correction,I didnt get yet any reply for that... Now How can I see my O/L results via internet or any other way? If any1 know inform it... Its a great help....
by Shema on March 24, 2012
Email :
by nisith heshan on March 24, 2012
Phone : 0758027317
Email :

i know that web side is but i want to know from there how i find the place to type index no:.there is only the place to type index to check 2010. but i wan to check 2011 results.
by omesha thilakarathne on March 25, 2012
Email :

by ANTHANY RAJ SYLVESTER on March 27, 2012
Phone : 07508258898

I forgot my O/L index number.. how can i find it?
by Nimasha on March 29, 2012
Email :

i wantto find out my o/l results
by B. Manisha perera on March 30, 2012
Phone : 0714490606
Email :
by Chirath uyanahewa on March 31, 2012
Phone : 072-4738342
Email :

i need my o/L EXAM result 2007.i don;t know how to get .now i am in forgin.can you send my result to my email please help me .please respond me .i can;t send to email because your email add something wrong.please see to it. my index no 74978322-
by julan on May 12, 2012
Phone : 0778022912
Email :

i forgot my o/l index number ho can i find it?
by chamara on May 14, 2012
Phone : 0752950857
Email :

i missed my o/l result sheet..its very important 4 my how can i get it again?
by Rukshan priyajanaka on June 7, 2012
Phone : 0713906744
Email :

sir i lost my index number how i take my results sheet please help me
by j.suveniya on April 17, 2013
Phone : 0778828503
Email :

My cousin sat for my O/L in 2011. Once she checked her result online she got a good result and did not print it out. She went to education department to collect her result sheet and she found a different result on it. How it can be possible. Also I would like to know in 2011 displayed the candidate name on the screen. Now candidate name is displaying in the screen.
by Salman on June 20, 2013
Email :

how to find my O/L results which I sat in 2007 and my A/L results which I sat in 2010.! I could not find it in
Please send me a mail regarding this.

by thanoj on August 26, 2013
Phone : 0777656226
Email :

Friends, all can check your results over the websites mentioned above. but if your index Number is missing, Please visit to Department of examinations Lively with ur Original Birth certificate and NIC. Then by giving a written request,will solve yor Problem.
by Ahmadh. on September 2, 2013

Go to Examination department.
by sanjaya wijesundara on September 2, 2013
Phone : 94772908979

You can check ur results frm the examination department.You must make a request in writing with a copy of your national identity card or your school has their own set of result sheets.
by subodha kithulgoda on September 2, 2013

you can get your result sheet if you go to your school. after every examination the department of education send result sheets to the school. then you will be able to get to know your results.
by Lakruwini Perera on September 3, 2013

Call examination department.I think you must make a request in writing with a copy of your national identity card or your school has their own set of result sheets. It is not possible to get old results from website.
by Deshan EKanayake on September 3, 2013

how can i find my g.c.e.(o/l) 2007 exam result
by ranaweera on September 9, 2013

We can not get past result in Doenets . lk it mean you can only find the last year exam results ( now you can find only 2013 o/l & 2012 A/l result in Doenets . lk)
by Mohamed Afraj on September 10, 2013

Examinations results of previous years must be obtained form the Department of Examination
Department of Examinations
P.O. Box 1503,

Telephones:+94-11-2786200, +94-11-2784201, +94-11-2785202, +94-11-2784203, +94-11-2784204, +94-11-2786205, +94-11-2786206, +94-11-2787207
Fax Nos:+94-11-2785220

by N.W.A. Lalithe on September 18, 2013

How can I find my G.C.E. O/L 2011 exam results?
by Dhanushka Viraj on October 17, 2013
Phone : 0728913287

How can i check my 2005 o/l exam result?
by Amalka dg on October 20, 2013
Phone : 0712160500
Email :

You can use the site to view your results. Go to above link & enter your index number there & then you will be able to get the results.
by Priyantha Nawarathne on October 21, 2013
Phone : 0718491311

Dear Amalka, Please call to 1911 which is the examination department contact number, then you can get information from them, wed address of the examination department is mentioned below,, Go to the web and refer services section then you will see that procedure to get 2005 O/L result. Thanks,
by Nilan boyagoda on October 21, 2013

i need to check my 2005 g/c/e/ o/l exam results & i need to know my o/l full marks.i am amalka dg.i am in the 1 for mathematics in 2005 o/l exam. please give me a marks in all subjects.
by Amalka dg on October 21, 2013
Phone : 0712160500
Email :

Those who need past examinations results you have to physically present @ examination department and hand over a request letter with a copy of your national identity card or your school has their own set of result sheets.
by Deshan on October 22, 2013
by Amila Karangoda on October 22, 2013
Phone : 077 - 608 29 27

i want my 2011 o/l results .
by vinojkuma on November 13, 2013
Phone : 0772090283
Email :

how can find my 2010 o/l results?
by naz on November 23, 2013
Email :

i want to know my g.c.e a/l result,but i don’t know my index can i find my index number?
by evin on December 9, 2013
Email :

i want my 2011 o/l results
by sampath on December 15, 2013
Phone : 0728476608
Email :

how can I check my 2010 O/L result
by janaka bandara on December 19, 2013
Phone : 779876314
Email :

Well, As mentioned above the doenets website does not provide with that info, but using the department numbers mentioned above you can call and check..
Further, if you have completed O/L Exam and waiting to improve your spoken and written English and also your personality, you can contact me..

by Shenal on December 23, 2013
Phone : 0777749502
Email :

you can contact the department of examinations. give them your exam centre name, exam year, your subject stream, your full name. or you can contact the school from where you sat for the exam. every exam record is readily available in either institute i mentioned.

by Mr. Naminda on December 25, 2013

how can i check my 2010 ol result
by krishnaphirathap on December 26, 2013
Phone : 0718565654
Email :

Please call 1911 and explain your problem.
by Mohan Barathi Gnanathilake on December 27, 2013
Phone : 011 2957857 or 0779522788
Email :

I want to get my O/l(2004) and A/l (2007) exam certificat. At less copy. But the thing is I am not in Sri Lanka. It is an emergency mater. Hw to I get thos things. Plz if u cn send mail
by Asanka on January 16, 2014
Phone : 0094739274634
Email :

I need my O/L(2004) and A/l(2007) exam results. I do not know how to get. Now I am in a foreign country (Qatar). Can you send my result to my email please help me. Please send me the result. But I have only a/l index number. I did all exams in Ashoka Vidyalaya Colombo 10. My A/L index number is 4033698. Please if you can send me the mail as soon as you get this message. Because it is about my job. Please Please Please
by Asanka on January 16, 2014
Phone : 0094730274634
Email :

Please I have 2011 O/L Exam result . Index NO.13285050
by manori on January 23, 2014
Phone : 0752517072

Yes you can visit Dep. of Examinations web site - The URL is, Type ur INdex Number then u can c ur Results.
by Ananada Herath on January 25, 2014
Email :

I need to see my O level results which sat in 2010, and tried on the website doenets it could not pls can u help me in this regards.
by siraj on February 1, 2014
Phone : 0774730013

i forgot my o/l index number in 2009.i need it.plz help me.
by Dehiwalage Madhuni Nishadini Costa on February 9, 2014
Phone : 0772338454

i forgot my o/l index nimber in 2009.i need it pls help me
by P.Thuwarneshwari on February 17, 2014
Phone : 0752286058

How can i get my O/L resalt in 2010 Plz help me
by prabhash chiranthaka on March 7, 2014

I forgot my O/L index number in 2007, but I Know the result. I need urgently that Certificate for my job promotion. I need it pls help me . by Rajaratnam Thavakumaran. 0776531622
by R.Thavakumaran on March 11, 2014
Phone : 0776531622
Email :

I need my 2013 o/l maths result immediately iam forgot my index number please help me. My name is fathima nadhiya marzook my national identy card number is 967412902
by fathima nadhiya on April 3, 2014
Phone : 0756128193
Email :

I forgot my O/L Index number in 2013, I need it pls help me
by Ravindren Richshanth on April 3, 2014
Phone : 0724194824

Was the result S meant to be pass the subject
by mudali on April 4, 2014
Email :

I am ALANRAJ FERNANDO. I did my GCE O/L EXAM at MN/PARIKARIKANDAL G,T,M SCHOOL in 2007 the mannar district. Unfortunately I lost my original result sheet plz send me my original result sheet to my Email
by v .ALAN FERNANDO on April 11, 2014
Phone : 0601116973193

My son sat his GCE O/L exam in 2009, I need to apply for his school leaving certificate, but I do not remember his index number, please advise how I could obtain the index number.
by Beverley on April 16, 2014
Phone : 0766146247

Yes, S meant pass the subject. it denotes the range of the marks 35 to 55.
by Priyantha on April 17, 2014
Phone : +94718491311

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