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GCE O/L maths and ICT 2008 past papers

i want GCE O/L maths and ict 2008 past papers
by faizan on August 18, 2009
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Sorry.I dont have them at the moment.And I can provide them even only for the students for whom Im conducting classes. Thanks.
by S.W. Enoch Silva on August 18, 2009
Phone : 071-5427084
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Go to web site.
by Ishara Darshana on August 18, 2009
Phone : 071-4417761
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I saw that your request first i want to know when do you setting for the o/l exam and where do you reside
may be i can help you but i am teaching as a part time service so if you want to get a tution class from me i can do it.

by B G C MIHIRAN on August 18, 2009
Phone : 071-5542919
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Hi.. Do u want to buy them? available in book shops and Im sure youd get it online too.
by Sudheera on August 18, 2009
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I think the past papers of past examination papers on ICT is available in some ICT text books written by WOT fernando it is avilable in sarasavi book shop. Other than that you can check with the examination depaertment in maley street and for sylabuses check the web sit regards sagara
by Sagara on August 18, 2009
Phone : 011-2569115,071-4457201
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Faizan i can send only the ICT paper via email as i am teaching only ICT in Kandy Government School. i am sory i dont have the Maths paper. Send your contact details
by Prasanna on August 19, 2009
Phone : 071-9363184
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I can provide GCE O/L maths past papers. Please send the email address. My email is
by Udena Vidanagama on September 24, 2009
Phone : 077-3888915
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So far there 2 ICT past papers, You get them at the Examination department or Some Printe past and model papers are available in book shops. I can send you them in a mail if you contact me through with your E-mail.
by Asoka Galahitiyawa on October 5, 2009
Phone : 071-8005440
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Ok I can give you the ICT papers and othe materials for ICT pl contact me to
by Mohamed Hashim Minver on December 5, 2009
Phone : 071-4469094,067-3673780
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You could get your past papers from the British council in Colombo or Kandy if this is regarding any london exam, else if this is a local examination of ICT then please visit there you can download the PDF version of your papers .
by Praneeth Subasekara on December 23, 2009
Phone : 071-6450330
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Check out the edexcel online site.
by Ms.Priya on March 4, 2010
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Can I Have ICT OL past papers [2008 and 2009] Thanks Tharindi
by Tharindi Karavita on May 18, 2010
Phone : 0094 37 2225884
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I need to have O/L ICT past papers and A/L git past papers in sinhala medium. Many Thanks
by Thavisha on June 9, 2010
Phone : 0714814693
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ICT past paper I have with me.
by Ilham on June 18, 2010
Phone : 077-6477047,071-3185566
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how can write exam
by rkanthani on August 4, 2010
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I want GIT past papers for GCE A/L
by ganga katukurunda on August 22, 2010
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i can provide GCE O/L maths paper. please send my e-mail number
by suneth srihan on September 22, 2010
Phone : 0779136846
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Those who contact me with their complete details for contacting them via over the phone or my email [] I can provide the materials they need.
by Minver on September 22, 2010
Phone : 0714469094
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I want G.C.E[O/L] ICT Pass papers
by maryuthista on September 26, 2010
Phone : +94776913167
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please sent me o/l english and it past paper in affter 2006 thanks
by palitha on October 10, 2010
Phone : 07144311080
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please send me G.C.E. O/L IT pastpapers
by Tharindu on October 10, 2010
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how to pass in ICT subject?
by mohamed rinos on October 28, 2010
Phone : 0672220136
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study well and do the pass papers regularly
by Minver on October 29, 2010
Phone : 94673673780
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I want Ict Passed Paper2008 and2009
by Nirosha Abeyrathna on January 4, 2011
Phone : 075-5853202
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I can send you the maths paper. Contact me through my phone no.
by Sunil Perera on January 10, 2011
Phone : 0713583344

If You want any Past paper or any clarification do not hesitate to contact me on my mobile number 071-8837836
by Roshan Prasanga on January 11, 2011
Phone : 071-8837836
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Ilike this website
by mohamed zameer on January 13, 2011
Phone : 041 22 50904
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Can i have O/L ICT [Enlish]Pass Papers?
by Geethiaka on March 6, 2011
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Please refer to website . You will be able to download the past papers. Or send an email to following email address.
by Ishani Wickramarachchi on March 11, 2011
Phone : 071-2435888

i wont examination for the final certificate hadiya past papers
by TUWAN ABIHAN ABDUL on April 29, 2011
Phone : 0772642779/2941042
Email :

I have the Past Papers Only for G.C.E. [O/L] ICT subject for the Past Years [i.e. 2008-2010]. I could e-mail them if you Kindly send me an email to with the Subject "ICT [O/L] past Papers" Or can upload to a Blog if facilities are provided
by Chaminda Priyashantha on May 14, 2011
Phone : 071-4629266
Email :

I want GCE O/L Westwen Music past papers [2005-2010]
by chamath ravin on July 16, 2011
Phone : 0718026041
Email :

I could send you the ICT 2008 paper, kindly send an email to Chaminda
by Chaminda Priyashantha on July 27, 2011

Im in grade10 student can I have the past papers and some modal papers only for G.C.E.[O/L] I.C.T. subject
by sanuji chamika on August 20, 2011
Phone : 0714755659
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please send A/l pyysics past paper [1985]
by kinosanth on August 23, 2011
Phone : 0756178071
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I Want to 2010 GCE O/L Maths past papers
by Mohammad Fazil on August 24, 2011
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I could send the ICT OL Past Papers, if you have drop me a mail on
by W. Chaminda Priyashantha on August 29, 2011
Phone : 071 4629266
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All Past paper books are available in many book shops. You can buy it below the rate of Rs .250/= for more details contact me via my email or telephone Thanks
by Bandula on December 28, 2011
Phone : 071-4415061
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plz send me G.C.E ICT pastpapers(2005-2011)
by apsara madhuwanthi on May 2, 2012
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dear sir, could you please send the 2008 gce o/l sinhala medium science paper ,kindly send an email
by dilesha jaylath on May 8, 2012
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Hi Anyone can send me the O/L Maths ,2010 and 2011 via e mail, is much appreciated. Thanks
by Nandana Chandraratne on May 16, 2012
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please send me O/l pastpapers
by malisha on March 5, 2013
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I want 2011 & 2012 maths past paper for tamil medium. Please send me. My Email :
by Madushiya on August 3, 2013

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