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Pradeepthika Withana (ස්ත්‍රී)
  •  ප්‍රථම උපාධිය
  •  පශ්චාත් උපාධි
  •  Post Graduate Diploma in Marketing ( CIM - UK )
  •  ඉගැන්වීමේ පළපුරුද්ද : වසර 10 කට වඩා
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MBA - University. of Colombo
B.Sc - ( Major in Economics ) - University of Peradeniya
Post Graduate . Diploma - Marketing – CIM-UK
Chartered Marketer–CIM-UK ( 2004-2005)

I am an accomplished communication Strategist, Lecturer , Marketer and a Teacher with over nineteen years of industry Experience, from which 15 years in Senior Managerial roles. Along with the professional carrier I was practicing as a Lecturer and as a Teacher in Economics more than 10 years.

In my professional life, I strive to allocate my time for a task that is personally meaningful and enriching. That is why I gave up my professional carrier to find more time to be with my Students. I use my knowledge, skills and talents to assist the students I work with to reach their full potential.

I enjoy sharing my knowledge and experience with the younger generation who will lead the world in the future. I guide them and train them to come out with their best performance not only at the A/L Examination but also at their future profession.
විෂයයන් සහ පාඨමාලා
Economics in English Medium for GCE A/L Students.
(2022 A/L, 2023 A/L)

I believe in giving Individual attention to each and every students and using high tech solutions to conduct interactive lessons. I am specialized in Individual Classes and Small Individual Group Classes.

My classes do not exceed more than 10 students and most of the time, I try to minimize in to 5 students per a lesson. I believe that each student is different and each of them has his or her own pattern and speed of learning. I minimize the number of students in a class to adjust my teaching and my speed to match their learning patterns and speeds.

Students have found the online lessons in my class room are very customizes and very interactive as I uses the technology to the maximum in making them interactive. Online learning becomes so boring when the students are not supported with proper learning materials and when a proper presentation of the lesson is not shared through the meeting platform.

Therefore, I provide my students with the best learning materials and all lessons are supported with meaningfully animated PowerPoint presentations shared through Zoom or Microsoft Teams. My lesson series consist of 112 lessons. These 112 lessons belong to the 12 competency levels that should be covered for GCE A/L. I have compiled these 112 lessons in to 12 books.

As I believe my students should get the best materials to refer, all 12 books come to the students in top quality color print. I deliver the books to the student’s residence before starting the lessons and all the lessons are conducted through animated Power Point supported writable touch screams which gives the student the feeling that they are very closer to the teacher.

After completing each competence level, I conduct online tests which are timed and closely observed. All these tests are based on past papers. The model questions are also discussed at the end and of each Competency level.

Lesson Plan

GRADE – 12 GRADE – 13
Competency Level Number of Lessons Competency Level Number of Lessons
Competency 1 09 Competency 7 07
Competency 2 12 Competency 8 08
Competency 3 05 Competency 9 05
Competency 4 06 Competency 10 08
Competency 5 07 Competency 11 08
Competency 6 04 Competency 12 09
Total Theory Lessons 44 Total Theory Lessons 44

Total Lessons to cover “Theory” for both Grades 12 & 13 = 88 (44+44)
Two lessons on discussing “Question” for each competency level = 24 (12*2)
All Rest of the lessons will be Revision

For a Comprehensive coverage of the Syllabus I will needs 112 lessons before Starting Revision. Depending on how fast the student gets these 112 lessons arranged, he or she can get his or her own time for revision. If a student is really interested, can cover these 112 lessons even within one year and keep another whole year for revision. I am flexible in managing my time to keep up with the speed needed by the student.

If a student is directed to me through a parent or a gradient, I continually keep on the communication with them to ensure that they are properly updated with syllabus coverage and student’s level of performance. But if a student directly contacts me and initiate the learning process, I do not contact the parents assuming that he or she has got total responsibility of their education.

I believe the final grade of a student at A/L, is a result of STUDENT'S COMMITMENT, TEACHER'S TEACHING CAPABILITY and PARENTS CONTINUES SUPPORT AND GUIDANCE. So I always try to maintain the continuous communication and among the three parties- that is the TEACHER- STUDENT- PARENTS.

පන්ති පවත්වන ස්ථානයන්

පහත සඳහන් ස්ථානයන්හි පන්ති පැවැත්වේ

කොළඹ மாவட்டத்தில், ශ්‍රී ලංකාව

ගුරුවරයා/ගුරුවරිය විසින් පහත සඳහන් ස්ථානයන්හි සිසුන්ගේ නිවෙස් වලට ගොස් පන්ති පවත්වනු ලබයි

කොළඹ மாவட்டத்தில், ශ්‍රී ලංකාව

ஒன்லைன் வகுப்புக்களை
මාර්ගත පන්ති පවත්වනු ලබයි. ඔබට ලෝකයේ ඕනෑම තැනක සිට පන්ති හා සම්බන්ධ විය හැක.
පහත සඳහන් පන්ති පවත්වනු ලබයි
  • පෞද්ගලික පන්ති
  • කුඩා කණ්ඩායම් පන්ති (සිසුන් 10 ට වඩා අඩු)
පහත සඳහන් භාෂා වලින් පන්ති පවත්වනු ලබයි
  • English
Pradeepthika Withana ගැන විචාරයක් ලියන පළමු තැනැත්තා වන්න