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English medium Online Classes

Kanchana Jayasinghe (Female) - Civics, Geography, History, Health Science, Buddhism

English medium Online Classes
Mathematics and English classes (6 to O/L) - Cambridge / Edexcel / Local

Gerald Fernando (Male) - Completed OL, AL in the Mathematics stream and I am currently pursuing bachelor's degree in electrical and electronic engineering

English / Sinhala Medium Classes for Grade 01 to 09

Sajana Sooriyaarachchi (Female) - Bachelor's Degree [University Of Sri Jayewardenapura], Over 3 years teaching experience

Online Classes - English / Tamil / Sinhala medium

Hasna Jabir (Female) - Diploma in Teaching English Language and Literature, Diploma in Professional English, Extension in English [University of Peradeniya]

English, Literature, Science, ENV Maths classes Grade 1 - 8

Kenisha Rukshi Peter (Female) - Prefers doing classes by visiting homes or via online

Online Classes Available

Start Smart - An Institute offering Virtual support classes that meets the varied Individual educational needs of our Children.

Online Classes Available
Are you finding a teacher for a class?

Gayathri Pothupitiya (Female) - Working in a leading international school as a secondary teacher, Level 5 science undergraduate at open university Nawala

Local Syllabus Classes done by an Experienced Teacher - Grade 6 upwards

Mithma Welikanna (Female) - First class Law Degree holder, Over 7 years experience

MANS College Mannar

Mrs.M.N.Banu (Female) - Over 20 years Experience, HND holder, Reading for B.ED in English language teaching

A/L (English / Sinhala) / Grade 06-11 (English / Sinhala)

Pubudu Rathnasiri (Male) - B.Sc (Mgt), Adv.Dip MA (UK), LL.B (Reading)

Online tuition classes (Grade 1 - 9 / Sinhala / English / Local / International)

Kaushalya Wickramaratne (Female) - AMI qualified, TKT qualified, Reading for a MSc in University of Colombo (Final Stage), Over 8 years of experience

Science for grade 08 / 09 / 10 and O/L

Anas Mohideen (Male) - BSc. Education, National Trade Qualified MLT, Diplomat in Medical Laboratory Science, Diplomat in Counseling

Local + IGCSE - Secondary Tamil / English / Health Science

Anusha Subramaniam (Female) - Over 5 years of experience

English language tutor

Ms Hana (Female) - British Cambridge Certification – 2018, Diploma in English of Arts in Education