Online tuition classes via zoom, from grade 1 - 9 (Sinhala / English / Local / International)

Kaushalya Wickramaratne (Female) - AMI qualified, TKT qualified , Reading for a MSc in University of Colombo (Final Stage), Over 7 years of experience.

Sinhala up to O/L (Online and Home visit)

Iresha Attanayake (Female) - A school teacher.
Locations: Colombo, Online classes via internet

I am conducting Online Tutoring for grade 1 to 9 via Zoom Or WhatsApp (Local / Cambridge / Edexcel)

Sajana Sooriyaarachchi (Female) - Bachelor in Humanities & Social Sciences (Sp. in Hindi Lang.), Dip. in International Relations.
Locations: Colombo, Online

Accounting and Buddhism for OL (Local & London) - English Medium Online Classes

Anuruddhika (Female) - 5 years Teaching experience and over 10 years Mercantile sector work experience, Bachelor Degree in Business and Management Studies.

Grade 1 - 11 Maths, Sinhala, English, Buddhism, Civics, Science

Sandavi Sudusinghe (Female) - I've got 9 A passes for my O/L s.
Locations: Colombo, Maharagama, Online classes via internet