French and English for Beginners, Grade 1 - 13 (Cambridge, Edexcel, Local) and adults

Contact details
Yashodya (Female)
  • Ordinary Level
  • Advanced Level
  • Diploma
  • Bachelor's degree
  • Teaching Experience : Over 10 years
About the tutor
French, English, and ICT Classes are conducted by a qualified teacher with more than 10 years of experience.
  • Bachelor's Degree in Colombo University
  • Diploma holder of French Language
  • Diploma Holder of English language
  • Doing French and English lectures for students from Grade 1 to A/L s, Adults and A1 , A2 (DELF/DALF)
Subjects and Courses
French Language
English Language
Venue / Location
Classes are conducted at following location(s)
Colombo District, Sri Lanka

Teacher visits institute(s) in following locations
Colombo District, Sri Lanka
Alliance Francaise, Colombo

Rotary, Nugegoda

Puttalam District, Sri Lanka
Sathmaga, Madampe

Teacher would visit students' homes in following locations
Colombo District, Sri Lanka

Online Classes
Classes are conducted online (Or educational material available online). You can join the class (or read educational material) from anywhere in the world.
Offered Classes
  • Private (Individual) classes
  • Small group classes (Less than 10 people)
  • Medium group classes (10 - 20 people)
Classes are conducted in following languages
  • සිංහල
  • English