Robotics, IOT, O/L ICT, Arduino, raspberry pi, SQL, Python, Java, HTML, CSS, C#, C, C++ පන්ති

Thanuja Dissanayake (ஆண்) - More than 5 years of private sector IT Lecturer.
இடங்கள்: கம்பஹ

Python, Pascal, MS SQL, Office Packages), Computer Networking, Android App Developing

Nuwan Hirantha Rathnayaka (ஆண்) - MSc in Information Technology and Strategic Innovation (Kingston University - UK) (Reading), NCC (IDCS) - UK.
இடங்கள்: கடவத்த, கட்டுநாயக்க, கம்பஹ, களனி, கிரிபத்கொ

ஐசோபிட் Metro Campus

A premier ICT Education centre which was established in the new millennium, a Sri Lankan company managed by a group of leading ICT professionals.

ஐசோபிட் Metro Campus

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