Learn about Computer and Applications at Home (Students and Workers)

M.Mohamed (ஆண்) - IT Teacher in a government school in Colombo, cum IT instructor in a IT institute, Over 10 years experience.
இடங்கள்: கல்கிசை, கொழும்பு, கொழும்பு 15, தேஹிவல, நுகேகொடை, ரட்மலான

Mahapola Training Institute

SLPA-Mahapola Training Institute which was built in 5.5 acres of land with approximate cost of Rs. 45 million was declared open in 1987 TA

Dharul Hikma Institute

நிறுவனம்: Dharul Hikma Institute, Details: City and Guild approved courses, Montessori teacher training, Computer courses in Mattakkuliya, இலங்கை சனநாயக

Dharul Hikma Institute

 விளம்பரத்தை வெளியிடவும்