Future Waves - தேஹிவல

A professional organization that is dedicated to Human Resource Development, namely the area of Skills development.
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Greenwich College - தேஹிவல

Greenwich College is a well recognized Education Service Provider / Facilitator since 2009.
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Greenwich College - தேஹிவல
Learn about Computer and Applications at Home (Students and Workers)

M.Mohamed (ஆண்) - IT Teacher in a government school in Colombo, cum IT instructor in a IT institute, Over 10 years experience.
இடங்கள்: கல்கிசை, கொழும்பு, கொழும்பு 15, தேஹிவல, நுகேகொடை, ரட்மலான

கணினி வகுப்புக்களை (Home visit)

Melani (பெண்) - Over 15 years experience in the IT field.
இடங்கள்: ஏகல, கட்டுநாயக்க, கந்தானை, கம்பஹ, கொழும்பு, சேதுவை, ஜ-ஏல, தேஹிவல, நுகேகொடை, மஹரகம

கணினி வகுப்புக்களை (Home visit)
Dutch Lanka Academy - தேஹிவல

நிறுவனம்: Dutch Lanka Academy - Dutch, English, French, German, Sinhala, Tamil language lessons and IT courses.
இடங்கள்: தேஹிவல

ICT, GIT (O/L,A/L local and London) Edexcel/Cambridge Grade 6 to O/L. ,A/L. Theory and Revision

Ananda Herath (ஆண்‍) - Over 17 years of experience in IT filed and over 10 years experience as an IT, WebIT, Network Consultant.
Visits: ,கொழும்பு, suburbs

Computerized Accounting and Ms Office

C. Samarajeewa (ஆண்‍) - National Diploma in ICT, MCTS, Over 3 years experience. Lessons: Accpac, QuickBooks, MYOB, Tally ERP, Excel Macros. Visits: ,கொழும்பு

BIT for 21000/=

நிறுவனம்: Wide Awake Solutions [Pvt] Ltd.
இடங்கள் பெப்பிலியான, கொஹுவல, நுகேகொடை, மஹரகம, ஹோமாகம, பொரலஸ்கமுவ, ,கொழும்பு, மொரட்டுவ, Kottawa

IT for O/L, A/L and all

S. Chathurangani (பெண்‍) - BIT graduate has more than ten years experience, Higher Diploma for Web Designing.
Visits : ,கொழும்பு Suburbs

Advanced Technological Institute - ATI தேஹிவல

HND in - Information Technology, English, Accountancy, Business Administration, Business Finance, Management, Tourism and Hospitality Management.
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