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Yoga and Relaxation programme for employees - absolutely FREE

நிறுவனம்: IBMC plays a very crucial role in the noble task of bringing Sri Lankan excellence through a continuous process of awakening people

யோகா வகுப்புக்களை கொழும்பு

T. Anantharavi - International Yoga License holder from Yoga Alliance and International Yoga Federation, Diploma in Yoga Therapy

Lanka Institute of Fitness & Nutrition - மஹரகம

LIFN - A government accredited institution and a vibrant and dynamic destination for anyone chasing a fitness related career

Lanka Institute of Fitness & Nutrition - மஹரகம
Dhamya Yoga Academy - நுகேகொடை

Dhamya Yoga Academy - We will direct you to find the proper way of your life!.
இடங்கள்: நுகேகொடை

Dhamya Yoga Academy - நுகேகொடை
Britannia Education Services & Tuition - கொட்டிகாவத்த

B.E.S.T. have assembled a panel of highly experienced and knowledgeable teachers from the leading private colleges.
இடங்கள் கொட்டிகாவத்த, Angoda

Coaching, Hypnotherapy, Psychotherapy and NLP Training

Tutor Jayamini Samarathunge (பெண்‍) - Certified Master Practitioner in NLP Neuro Linguistic, Certified Coach Australasian Institute of NLP.
இடங்கள் Kotte

Indian Cultural Center

The Indian Cultural Centre in ,கொழும்பு was formally inaugurated by the Prime Minister of India, Shri Atal Bihari Vajpayee on July 30, 1998

Fitness through Yoga for Active Life

ஆசிரியர்: Sameera Wijayagunaratne (ஆண்‍) - Instructor in Physical Education, (University of Kelaniya).
இடங்கள் ,கொழும்பு and Suburbs