Online Classes - Science, English, ICT

Reyea (Female) - BSc (Hon) in IT [Final year undergraduate student], 2 years teaching experience

Teacher available for Mathematics and Science from Grade 9 - 11

Devini Wettimuny (Female) - Over 2 years experience in lecturing students at Department of Biosystems Technology, University of Sri Jayewardenepura

6-11 Science

Suresh Chanaka (Male) - BSc Civil Engineering Degree holder at University of Moratuwa

6-11 Science
Tuition for Mathematics and Science (Conducted by a Lady Teacher)

Subodhini Perera (Female) - Science graduate with over 30 years experience, Post graduate diploma holder

Online English medium Science for grade 8-10

Ruvini Upekkha (Female) - An undergraduate at Faculty of Medicine [University of Colombo]

Sinhala medium Science tuition grade 6 to 11

Harshani Samaraweera (Female) - Msc. in Molecular Biology and Biotechnology, Bsc (Hons).
Location: Online classes via internet

Science & maths classes grade 6 - 11

Madhura Madhusanka (Male) - (Hons) in Physiotherapy, Faculty of Medicine, University of Colombo.
Location: Online classes via internet

Grade 6 to 11 Maths and Science Classes

S. Niroshanth (Male) - BSc Electrical and Telecommunication Engineer.
Locations: Colombo, Online classes via internet

Mathematics and Science Classes for Grade 6 to 11

Dishi Warthani (Female) - B.Sc (Hons) in Animal Science

Grade 3 to A/L Classes

B.Y.R. Fernando Institute - Classes conducted by qualified and experienced teachers.
Locations: Online classes via internet, Rajagiriya

Physics (Edexcel / Cambridge) & Science (Local)

Deshani Cooray (Female) - BSc. (Hons.), Over 5 Years of teaching experience.
Locations: Moratuwa, Online classes via internet, Piliyandala

Physics (Edexcel / Cambridge) & Science (Local)
Revision Classes for Advanced Level chemistry, Science for Technology and OL classes for Science

Jinalee Gamage (Female) - Masters in Analytical Chemistry - University of Sri Jayewardanepura

Online individual and small group Classes

Raihana (Female) - IT Graduate, An advanced diploma in teaching. Trained as a Maths and science teacher for English medium students..
Location: Online

Science / Biology (Local / London) O/L and A/L Grade 8, 9, 10 Science / Biology

Rohini (Female) - Former international school teacher

Science Classes 8 - O/L English / Sinhala (Online)

Sanjith Adikara (Male) - A Biomedical science (1st class Hon.) graduate