Physics Maths
Second Language Sinhala Classes

பரநிருபசிங்கம் பிரதீபன் (Male) - Second Language Sinhala Certificate Course 2 years teaching experience

Maths, Sinhala, ENV, English, Tamil and Art classes

Institute of IZOID - Online classes conducted by qualified teachers

Maths, Sinhala, ENV, English, Tamil and Art classes
Grade 1-5 National and International Syllabus - Cambridge, Edexcel

Thilakshi Wickramanayake (Female) - Diploma in Early Childhood and Primary Education (OUSL), B.Ed. Honors in Primary Education (OUSL)

Grade 1 to 5 Sinhala Language Tuition

Shakya Sithumini (Female) - Obtained an "A" pass for G.C.E. O/L Sinhala literature

Grade 1 to 5 Tuition Classes

Hajara Niraza (Female) - Primary Teaching Diploma holder

Grade 1 to 5 Sinhala medium classes

Renuka Malki (Female) - A teacher attached to a popular Colombo school, Qualified in special needs Education

Online Classes - History, Science, English, Sinhala, ENV

Mayah Sikurajapathy (Female) - Completed Advanced Level in Science stream

Sinhala Language - Grade 1 to 9

Iresha (Female) - Diploma in Sinhala Language.
Locations: Colombo, Kesbewa, Online classes via internet

Sinhala up to O/L (Online and Home visit)

Iresha Attanayake (Female) - A school teacher with over 20 years of experience

Classes For Grade 1 To 11 Students - Mathematics, Sinhala, Commerce

Rashmi Perera (Female) - An undergraduate, over 2 years experience

Teach Online from Home

Dr. S.K.Illangarathne (Male) - Classes are conducted by qualified and experienced teachers

Primary Maths, Sinhala, English, ENV and Science (Local / International)

Sajitha (Female) - MBA [University of Wolverhampton, UK], Bachelor of Science in Business Administration [USJP], Diploma in Early Childhood Education.

Primary Maths, Sinhala, English, ENV and Science (Local / International)
Second language Tamil & Sinhala Classes

Vijayan Sinnasamy (Male) - Diploma in Translation and Interpretation, Working as an Interpreter, Trilingual Sworn translator.
Location: Online classes

Classes for primary grades

Athsala Pathirana (Female) - A government trained teacher of English at Teachers' College, Maharagama with more than 15 years of teaching experience.

Classes for Students from Grade 1-5

Ayesha Kumari (Female) - Professional Teacher with 15 years of experience at an International School. Multiple certifications in Teaching.