Music Classes & Training: Western Music, Vocal and Piano : Local / Foreign International Syllabus

Edwin Mendez (Male) - FTCL (Trinity-London) Highly Qualified,over 25 years experience.
Locations: Colombo, Dalupotha, Ja-Ela, Kandana, Katunayake, Negombo

Music Classes (Piano) Theory & Practical in Wattala

Teacher: P. Fernando (Female) - 10 years of experience in conducting Private lessons, Experience in Teaching at an International School.
Location: Hendala

Music Classes (Piano) Theory & Practical in Wattala
Western Music Teacher

Teacher: Taniya De Zilva (Female) - Qualified Trinity college of music grade 8, 26 years of working experience.
Locations: Wattala, Jaela, Colombo