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IGCSE & CIE Biology, Chemistry, Physics, IAL biology & IGCSE edexcel single award sciences

Contact details
Tutor :
Sammani Galagamaarachchi (Female)
  • Bachelor's degree
  • Reading MSc (University of Colombo)
  • Teaching Experience : Over 4 years
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About the tutor
Guarantee the best results. Past students have produced excellent results including world prizes and island prizes. Individual lessons or groups of 3-5 students are taken per class. Special attention, extra lessons provided if necessary. Videos per lesson and question papers per lesson will be provided. A friendly and supportive atmosphere.
Subjects and Courses
IGCSE biology - Edexcel and Cambridge
IGCSE chemistry - Edexcel and Cambridge
IGCSE single award science
IAL Biology (Edexcel only)
Venue / Location
Teacher visits institute(s) in following locations
Colombo District, Sri Lanka
Diyawanna place, Rajagiriya

Online Classes
Classes are conducted online (Or educational material available online). You can join the class (or read educational material) from anywhere in the world.
Offered Classes
  • Private (Individual) classes
  • Small group classes (Less than 10 people)
Classes are conducted in following languages
  • English