Tamil Language for all Sinhalese medium students (School students, Job seekers, Employers)

Premalal Ranasinghe (Male) - BSc, Advance National Diploma in HR, English language Diploma, Tamil language Diploma holder, Over 15 years experience.

Sinhala Language and Literature Grade 6 - O/L

Dushama Attanayaka (Female) - An experienced undergraduate in University of Colombo,Faculty of Arts.
Locations: Colombo, Gampaha, Kadawatha, Kelaniya

Sinhala Language and Literature Grade 6 - O/L
Tuition classes - History, Dancing, Sinhala

Lisath Chathmin (Female) - National college of education / Art degree university of Kelaniya.
Locations: Gampaha, Kadawatha, Miriswatta, Yakkala

English and Sinhala classes from Grade 1 - O/L

Manushi Silva (Female) - B.A. Special in Translation Studies - University of Kelaniya, TKT.
Location: Gampaha