GCE O/L Literature and English language / English medium subjects

Binari Edirisinghe (Female) - Bachelors of Arts in English (BA) USJP [2nd Year], Bachelors of Law (Bsc. LLB) University of London [2nd Year].

Tuition classes (grade 1-8)

Afnan Kitchilan (Female) - Conducted tuition classes abroad and wanting to continue my teaching in Sri Lanka.
Locations: Dehiwala, Online classes

English, Mathematics, Science, Geography, History, Life skills, Business Studies Tuition

Nazmila Ifthikar (Female) - Following a Bachelors degree in University of Peradeniya [Degree year 2018], 6 years Teaching experience

Spoken English Class

Teacher: Mrs. Shafa Ashfaq (Female) - A qualified Teacher and MMI Lecturer.
Location: Colombo 5, Sri Lanka