Spoken and Written English Classes for Students and Professionals

Contact details
Thilak Dayananda (Male)
  • Ordinary Level
  • Advanced Level
  • Bachelor's degree
  • Govt English Specialist Trained Teacher's Certificate, LLB (London Examination), National Tourist Guide Lecturer (English and German)
  • Teaching Experience : Over 20 years
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About the teacher
  • B.A (English)
  • LLB (London Examination)
  • Govt English Specialist Trained Teacher's Certificate
  • 40 years in Teaching (Both Govt and International)
  • National Tourist Guide Lecturer (English/German)
Subjects and Courses
IELTS Academic/General(Reading and Writing Grammar and Variety of Structures discussed-Relevant materials provided) - Rs.1500 for two hours
Cambridge/Edexcel English Language for Grades 9,10,11 (O/L) - Rs.1000 (2 hours)
Cambridge/Edexcel English Language for Advanced Level -Rs.2000 (2 hours)
Spoken English classes - Students/Professionals (any discipline) - 1000 (2 hours)

 * Individual - Rs.1000/-
 * Group (max 3) Rs.750 per person/ (materials provided)
Venue / Location
Classes are conducted at following location(s)
Colombo District, Sri Lanka
Wijerama, Nugegoda

Online Classes
Classes are conducted online (Or educational material available online). You can join the class (or read educational material) from anywhere in the world.
Offered Classes
  • Private (Individual) classes
  • Small group classes (Less than 10 people)
  • Medium group classes (10 - 20 people)
Classes are conducted in following languages
  • සිංහල
  • English