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G. C. E. A/L ICT (English Medium) online classes

Contact details
Akila Farwin (Female)
  • Master's degree
  • Teaching Experience : Over 10 years
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About the tutor
I am an IT Graduate with over 12 years of experience in Teaching ICT for students in different age groups.

I believe in the following quote said by Albert Einstein -
If you can't explain it simply, you do not understand it well enough

Hence, I do my level best to understand each and every lesson by myself and teach it to my students in the simplest and the most effective manner.

Teaching is my passion and I am dedicated to encourage & motivate anyone to continue learning.

Join with me to feel greatful about a quality learning experience
Venue / Location
Online Classes
Classes are conducted online (Or educational material available online). You can join the class (or read educational material) from anywhere in the world.
Offered Classes
  • Private (Individual) classes
  • Small group classes (Less than 10 people)
  • Medium group classes (10 - 20 people)
  • Large group classes (More than 20 people)
Classes are conducted in following languages
  • English