G.C.E A/L Examination Time table - August 2017

Can you please tell me send me A/L 2017 time table?

Should I select Further Maths or IT Cambridge A Levels?

I'm doing Cambridge A Levels Math this October. I need to chose either Further Maths or IT for my 3rd subject. Is further maths as hard as they say? Is it possible to cover the whole syllabus within 5 months? (I did local ALs math last year and i'm good with maths too)

Exam dates - G.C.E. Advance Level (A/L) 2017

Want to know the exam date of G.C.E. Advanced Level 2017.
Thank you

Should I do A/L Maths to become a geographicalist?

I want to be a geographicalist. Can I achieve my dream by doing maths for A/L?

Is it possible to do A/L one year in advance?

Dear Sir/Madam
I have started to do A/L in school (year 2018), but I need to do A/L next year (2017). How can I do?
Please help me.

Is GIT essential to enter to Universities?

Is it essential to do git exam in order to enter the university?

Should I choose Science or Commerce?

I have an A for maths and C for science. Will it be easy for me to follow Science or is it better if i choose Commerce

can do the auditory leave in commerce

I want to know that if i can do the auditory leve in commerce by this results
Religion C
Sinhala C
English B
Maths S
History C
Science W
Drama absent
Commerce S
Health C
I did these subjects in English medium

Is S pass enough to do A/L Maths?

mama kasun mama o/l kale 2014 mata o/l sceince walata s ekak balaporottuwenne mata a/l maths karanna science s pass eka atida?

A/L Exam - How to manage time

i face the A/L exam in this year[arts] the subjects are TAMIL, ECONOMICS & POLITICAL SCIENCE. haw should i be in this exam perioud? haw can i manage the time 4 that 3 subjects?/ And i would like to be a lawyer what should i do now??/ plece answer 4 me .

Advanced Level Theory and Revision

A/L Chemistry Theory Revision. Chemistry question post to me.

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