How to Sit for Law Entrance Exam

I have 06 credit passes with 08 subjects for o/l in 2005. I could not pass mathematics and i did it in 2006 and have a S pass. I have S pass for Sinhalese, C pass for English for O/L. I did not do A/L exam but I am going to do it in 2015. I am doing political, logic and Buddhist civilization for my A/L exam. My last need is the law entrance. Please give me a correct idea to full fill my qualification for the law entrance without any problem. Thank you.

Wendy whatmore academy in Kandy, Polgolla

May I know the best classes around kandy or near Polgolla (Kandy) in wendy whatmore academy?

Tamil speaking speech therapist

Hi.. I need tamil speaking speech therapist in Jaffna.. Do you know anyone?? thanks.

Grade 8 Syllabus

I want to know syllabus for grade 8th

To teach children with down syndrome

Am an student ...where am doing a diploma on ICT
I need to become a teacher to teach children with down syndrome......
What should I do for it?

Grade 8 geography syllabus

give me grade 8 geography English medium syllabus .

Is possible to work in Sri Lanka Telecome Training Center?

I have done HND in IT (Network Engineering), so now I am looking for training. the question is, is possible to work in Sri Lanka Telecome Training Center as a trainer.

I want to follow voice training

I want to follow voice training to improve my announcing in Sinhala medium

How to get visa for France?

How to get visa for France I want visa.

Exemptions for SLIM postgraduate diploma in marketing

I finished BBA in marketing specialization. I want to do SLIM postgraduate diploma in marketing. Accordingly what levels I can get exemptions?

Which Qualifications do I need to work overseas as English teacher

Hi,I am working as an English teacher. I like to work as a teacher in overseas. Middleeast also ok. So what kind of English exam should we want to do? I mean TOFEL , ESL something like this?Can anyone help me?

Who monitors the activities of the international schools?

Who monitor the international schools activity and quality of their service? Some say they follow Cambridge, Oxford etc.

Are the schools monitored by the Oxford and Cambridge universities or the Department of educational?

How far we can trust these schools? To whom we need to report if there is any dispute? What are the condition to run International school? How we or where we can check their genuinity?

Kindly advice

Wanted : Economic/Business studies and Commerce teacher

Hello!,I have a special needs daughter she has Celebral Palsy and minor dyslexia ,She is going to do her O/L(Edexcel) and desperately needs an Economic/Business studies and Commerce teacher,Please reply as soon as possible!

Social dancing teacher

searching for a social dancing teacher

Grade V scholarship model papers

please give me Education department release grade V scholarship model papers set for 201372 exam

Wanted a Teacher specialized in dyscalculia

I need a teacher specialized in dyscalculia for my 9 year old son. please help.

HTML font color to match background image

when doing html if the word are not clear with the background picture cant we just change the font color as we like?

Dates of the Law Entrance Exam 2013

When is the Sri Lanka Law College entrance examination-2013?

Course material for Cambridge YLE courses

Hello teachers of English,
If you are preparing young learners (6 to 12 year olds) for Cambridge YLE courses (Starters, Movers and Flyers), we have course books,activity books and CDs for sale. Course books have been written by English speakers from the UK. Lessons are very interesting and have fun activities. Call for details.

Looking for an Elocution class in Dehiwala

I am looking for an Elocution class for my daughter (8 years)
We live in Dehiwala.
Please let me know if you know a class in Dehiwala.

Thank you

Time has to come to realize this

Dear Students,
Time has to come to realize this

Studying  in English medium is very good thing for the better future of students .But always select a right teacher for you.
I have seen lots of students are facing  problems with subject Science [ Chemistry ,Physics andBiology]Because they were unable to  get right guidance at the beginning.
Actually the Subject science is one of the easiest subject in the world .Because it systematically and logically explains the natural things and things happening in the environment and nothing ells.Each explanation has natural basic concept and when we realize it they is nothing to learn by heart.
Actually this is beautiful natural subject.But for lots of students it is a headache .
I have seen so many students come to me at last time before the exams and no any basic knowledge about the subject.
What we have to understand is science is not like literature or history .
every where lessons are interconnected with natural basic concepts logically .so if we dont understand this natural basic concepts we can not understand or explain even simple a thing .
For example ,if you want to understand the motion of an object moving on the floor or air ,
You have to realized these basic concept very well .They are: Mass of the object,Displacement,Velocity ,Acceleration,Gravitational force,Friction,Speed,force.
It is obvious that we don not learn them at once .We learn them step by step and have to realized exactly about them and practical application.
We can not learn them by heart ,because their practical application is integrated and changing according to the situation.
further we can not forget even single concept ,Because they are applying integrated .so we have to keep them in mind in logical manner and learning by heart is never be successful.So one important thing is you can not miss the classes
for an example :once you miss one class means you lose one integrated basic concept of above explanation .So after then whole lesson is pussel and in the exam you can not solve the problem successfully .Because, without  even one basic concept you cant explain whole action since you stuck some where ells.
Chemistry also the same .Whole subject based on the matter[elements andcompounds]and its behavior .If you dont realize basics about matter,elements,atoms ,compounds and their formation it is very difficult to understand chemistry .But once you realized ,it is a very beautiful subject to learn.
Biology ,always big notes and big explanations about living things.
most students learn them because they have to learn from the exam.
For example :
Circulatory system [ our cardio vascular system and Lymphatic system]

As science students ,Ask questions .
Why do we need a Circulatory system?
Why it is not in unicellular animals?
Why do we need Lymphatic system?
Why it is not in Unicellular animals?
Then only realize the concept behind it and nothing to learn by heart.
Contact if you are interested

Certificate course in Gene Technology.

I am 3rd year student in University of Peradeniya. I am doing molecular biology and biotechnology as my major, I wish to follow certificate course of gene technology. Can you give me full detail about that course including cost of course?

What is Insurance?

Insurance is a form of risk management in which the insured transfers the cost of potential loss to another entity in exchange for monetary compensation known as the premium. Insurance allows individuals, businesses and other entities to protect themselves against significant potential losses and financial hardship at a reasonably affordable rate. Insurance is appropriate when you want to protect against a significant monetary loss.
Within the insurance industry there is an enormous range of opportunities for talented persons. These range from highly specialized, mathematically driven roles to general business management, from commercial, business development roles to customer-service orientated or financial management roles. Whether you want to work for a major international firm or a national specialist, there are opportunities for you to build a rewarding, challenging, long-term career, achieve valuable professional qualifications.

Looking for a driving school

Need to find good driving school in Rajagiriya,borella or battaramulla area...

Looking for an English Teacher

Hi! I am looking for a well experienced English (lady) teacher to teach my 9 year old daughter (local syllabus- Sinhala medium). Am from Depanama, Pannipitiya. Thanks!

Grade 5 scholarship exam 2012

can I know the date of grade 5 scholarship exam 2012 to be held in August?

Elocution class close to Dehiwala

Do you have any elocution classes for my son whos 3 years old close to Dehiwala area?

Edexcel 2011 O/L

Hi. Can you find me the passages that appeared on the January 2011 Edexcel English Language O level.

communicating confidently & effectively in English

In todays competitive environment, communicating confidently & effectively in English is considered to be an important factor if an individual needs to develop his career or for personal growth. I have designed a 24 week course to enhance english communication/speech skills & leadership qualities for school leavers & young adults. Please call me on 0779712238 for further details

CLASDA in Gampah

Is there a CLASDA in Gampaha? please let me know the address or TP number

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