A view on Sri Lankan education system

In overall Sri Lankan Education system inherit its own weakness due to poor attention on quality of education. The major reasons are unnecessary competition created by 5 year scholarship exam & some of screening criteria in AL exams papers which make undue complications of question papers rather than assessing knowledge in fare manner. Unequal infrastructure in the education system is one major barrier which is failed to give equal opportunity students elsewhere in SL. Poor attitude of teachers as well their poor commitments for reaching to the heart of student. The GAP between teachers & students are ever widening. there is no proper system to evaluate & rewards really committed teachers. Systems not reward teachers i.e student performance linked to evaluation of teachers. Teachers are severely lacked with psychological aspects of the teachings most of teacher are not real leader to motivate the students to desired paths.

Online Vocal and Veena Classes

I am music lecturer at Chennai offering online veena and vocal classes students from Colombo to learn carnatic music can easily contact me for the classes. Flexible timings, advanced course also to be taught.

Examination papers

DBF examination papers

Telecommunication Notes

Need for Telecommunication Engineering Notes [soft copy]
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A/L Chinese Past Papers

I want to Chinese A/l past papers. Plz help me

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