CALSDA classes in Piliyandala?

My son has completed grade 6 of Spoken test at CALSDA in year 2014 and got the price also at the lat price giving held on 21/03/2015. I wanted to continue with this and I have some problem with his present class. I am at Piliyandala. Please give contact details of a teacher who is conducting classes.

Looking for Online English course

hi.. im shafira from srilanka, currently living in abroad. i would like to know about the online english courses u provide?

Is S pass enough to do A/L Maths?

mama kasun mama o/l kale 2014 mata o/l sceince walata s ekak balaporottuwenne mata a/l maths karanna science s pass eka atida?

What are nucleotides?

what are nucleotides

Law Entrance Exam in Kandy

I wish to follow the law entrance exam in 2015 year.How can i participation for that in Kandy area?

How to make a hair analysing chart

Can someone please let me know how to make a hair analysing chart?
Thank you

Qualifications to become a pre school teacher

What qualifications are needed to get a pre-school teaching job. Does the A/L results sufficient?

SLIDA Training

Does SLIDA take any comprehensive test or final passing out training at the end of the induction training of the cadets?

Failed to register as an attorney

I completed LLB degree in 2005 at Colombo University as an external student while I was employed at an insurance company. I had to devote myself to complete it undergoing financial difficulties and leave problems. But I failed to register as an attorney as it was difficult to get approved leave for the examination. So I had to wait until the retirement. But now I have been informed that there is no chance for it under the present age limit rule. At the time I did the degree there was no such rule. Please look in to this matter and give a solution for this.

Law entrance exam age limit

I want to know the law entrance exam age limit


I am doing classes to children from age 4 and above. I want to send my students to exams. Is there a way to send them to exams? How can I register ? And where can I register?

How to Sit for Law Entrance Exam

I have 06 credit passes with 08 subjects for o/l in 2005. I could not pass mathematics and i did it in 2006 and have a S pass. I have S pass for Sinhalese, C pass for English for O/L. I did not do A/L exam but I am going to do it in 2015. I am doing political, logic and Buddhist civilization for my A/L exam. My last need is the law entrance. Please give me a correct idea to full fill my qualification for the law entrance without any problem. Thank you.

Wendy whatmore academy in Kandy, Polgolla

May I know the best classes around kandy or near Polgolla (Kandy) in wendy whatmore academy?

Tamil speaking speech therapist

Hi.. I need tamil speaking speech therapist in Jaffna.. Do you know anyone?? thanks.

Grade 8 Syllabus

I want to know syllabus for grade 8th

To teach children with down syndrome

Am an student ...where am doing a diploma on ICT
I need to become a teacher to teach children with down syndrome......
What should I do for it?

Grade 8 geography syllabus

give me grade 8 geography English medium syllabus .

Is possible to work in Sri Lanka Telecome Training Center?

I have done HND in IT (Network Engineering), so now I am looking for training. the question is, is possible to work in Sri Lanka Telecome Training Center as a trainer.

Tuition for EDEXEL - IGCSE

Can someone please tell me where to find a tuition class (full time - from morning to evening all weekdays) for a student who is doing EDEXEL -IGCSE

I want to follow voice training

I want to follow voice training to improve my announcing in Sinhala medium

How to get visa for France?

How to get visa for France I want visa.

Exemptions for SLIM postgraduate diploma in marketing

I finished BBA in marketing specialization. I want to do SLIM postgraduate diploma in marketing. Accordingly what levels I can get exemptions?

Which Qualifications do I need to work overseas as English teacher

Hi,I am working as an English teacher. I like to work as a teacher in overseas. Middleeast also ok. So what kind of English exam should we want to do? I mean TOFEL , ESL something like this?Can anyone help me?

Looking for a Sociology tuition

I am personally wondering if there are tuition teachers to teach me Sociology in Sri Lanka for O/L doing the Cambridge Syllabus

Who monitors the activities of the international schools?

Who monitor the international schools activity and quality of their service? Some say they follow Cambridge, Oxford etc.

Are the schools monitored by the Oxford and Cambridge universities or the Department of educational?

How far we can trust these schools? To whom we need to report if there is any dispute? What are the condition to run International school? How we or where we can check their genuinity?

Kindly advice

Wanted : Economic/Business studies and Commerce teacher

Hello!,I have a special needs daughter she has Celebral Palsy and minor dyslexia ,She is going to do her O/L(Edexcel) and desperately needs an Economic/Business studies and Commerce teacher,Please reply as soon as possible!

Social dancing teacher

searching for a social dancing teacher

Grade V scholarship model papers

please give me Education department release grade V scholarship model papers set for 201372 exam

Wanted a Teacher specialized in dyscalculia

I need a teacher specialized in dyscalculia for my 9 year old son. please help.

HTML font color to match background image

when doing html if the word are not clear with the background picture cant we just change the font color as we like?

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