Can I do A/L without O/L?

I have completed my Cambridge o-levels. I wish to sit for national A-levels privately next year, So is it possible for me to do A- levels as I have not done the local o-levels?


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I have failed ordinary level Maths subject in 2017. Can I register for advanced level in 2018 before I get the ordinary level results in 2018?

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Yes you can.
But you need to request it from the examination department.
Call and get more information from the hotline which is 24 hr service.

Address : Department of Examinations, Pelawatta, Battaramulla, Sri Lanka

Hotline : 1911

Tel No. : +94 11 2786200, +94 11 2784201, +94 11 2785202, +94 11 2784204, +94 11 2786205, +94 11 2784206

Fax : +94 11 2785220 (General), +94 11 2784422 (School Exams), +94 11 2784232(Agency Exams)

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It is possible to do local A/L as a private candidate without local O/L. But there is a criteria as a prerequisite to have O/L subjects relevant to the A/L subjects if you are going sit through a school. And also it may be an issue when applying for local Universities.

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You can do A/L without doing national O/L but the problem is the knowledge - exam format and the choosing subjects related to O/L.
You will face many difficulties unless you prepare yourself well for the exam .
Think twice.

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I am doing my o/l (2019) for the first time this year. Unfortunately if I failed my o/l exams can I do a/l ?

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I have done my O/L exam in English Medium in 2020. But I have not maths subject in that year. And i can't done 2nd shy also. When I ready to apply for the 3rd time I missed that chance. Because the valid time is closed. But I am doing A/L's. Can I sit for the coming O/L exam? Can I get emergency admission

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