Cambridge exam grade 9 Science book list

Can you tell me the book list for students doing Science subjects in grade 9 following the Cambridge exams?


Dear Madam,
My name is Thiviya Loges.
I do tutor to Grade 9. However, I am now in the UK.
I do not know of the books they follow, but one can find out with Google search.
I might be able to help tutor your child.
I tutor with Skype and an online interactive board.
Thank you

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Thanks for contacting me. Yes I wrote a Chemistry model Q&A Book and published in England. A2AS level chemistry work also available to my private tuition students. I wish if I could contact when when I was in beautiful Sri Lanka.
Thank you

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Dear Malkanthi,

The book list for science stream,

Physics  ISBN 9781107607835 Cambridge University Press
  David Sang and Graham Jones
  Cambridge O/L Physics 1

Biology  ISBN 9780199128204 Oxford University Press
  Ron Pickering
  Fundamental Biology for Cambridge O/L 1

Chemistry  ISBN 9780199128198 Oxford University Press
  Rosemarie Gallagher and Paul Ingram
  Fundamental Chemistry for Cambridge O/L

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