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Under which district my z-score is calculated? 

Dear Sir / Madam

I want to know how I can find the district I belong to ( because z score is calculated district vice ) when I do my 3rd shy.

I did my O/Ls from Gampaha district

Is it necessary to do a competency project for A/L 3rd shy? 

I want to clarify followings from you.
My daughter sat for AL exam twice in Bio stream and she wants to do the exam for the 3rd time in arts stream.
She completed her competency project at t

Fixed dates to release the results of Government School Examinations in Sri Lanka 

I heard the government is planning to release the results of G.C.E. O/L, A/L and Grade 5 Scholarship examinations on fixed dates. Anyone knows what are these fixed dates?

How to change the name in O/L and A/L certificates? 

If I change my name in my birth certificate, then is it possible to change my name in O/L and A/L certificates?

Law entrance examination (Academic year 2018) application closing date 

When is the application closing date of Law entrance examination (Academic Year 2018)?

Home based schooling in Sri Lanka 

We want to home school our child (10 years). How does that work in Sri Lanka ?
We just moved from the USA.

How to check exam results by sending a text message (SMS) using a mobile phone? 

How to check exam results by sending a SMS?

Questions with answers for Driving License theory exam 

Where can I find sample questions with answers (in Sinhala and Tamil Medium) for Driving License theory exam conducted by Department of Motor Traffic?

O/L 2016 - Exam result release date 

When will the results of ordinary level examination 2016 be released?

A/L 2019 - Exam papers based on old and new syllabus 

We are doing A/L in 2019. That will be our first shy and we will get exam papers based on the new syllabus.

In that year, 2018 A/L students will do their 2nd shy and 2017 A/L students wil

Are my results sufficient to sit for Law Entrance Exam? 

I sat for the O/L in 2011 and also A/L in 2014. I have pass O/L. I got 6 credits but I got one week pass for science. And also I have done A/L with art subjects. Logic-c , sinhala-c, English-c, but I

Can I sit for Law Entrance Examination? 

I got simple passes for English both A/L and O/L . I passed A/L with B,B,C in commerce subject. I need to know whether I can do the Law entrance examination.

Banking exam past papers 

Can you send me banking exam past papers of Peoples Bank and Bank of Ceylon (BOC)

University of Moratuwa architecture aptitude exam past papers 

I need University of Moratuwa architecture aptitude exam past papers, where i can find them?

Question Papers of Bank of Ceylon (BOC) Trainee staff assistant exam 

Can you give me an idea about the question papers of Bank of Ceylon Trainee staff assistant exam? Which knowledge / sections are they going to test?

BA University of Peradeniya Subjects 

what are the subjects offered for external degree BA at university of peradeniya?

Exam dates - Bank of Ceylon and Peoples Bank 

Can you please tell me the following exam dates? - Bank of Ceylon (BOC) - Trainee Staff Assistants - People’s Bank - Management Trainees

Which A/L subjects should I select to become a Software Engineer? 

මට දැනගන්න පුලුවන්ද හොද පිළිගැනීමක් තියෙන Software Engineer කෙනෙක් වෙන්න A/L වලට තෝර ගන්න ඕන විෂය ධාරාව හා විෂයන්.

How to apply for Australia Awards Scholarships? 

Can someone please tell me more information on "Australia Awards Scholarship". Who is eligible to apply for these scholarships?

How to cancel A/L private candidate application? 

I applied for A/L 2017 exam as a private candidate but I didn't sit for the exam due to health problem. Now I want to cancel my private candidate application and apply again next year 2018.
Can y
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