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i would like to know whether u have any classes offered to be an elocution teacher .
by hasika on May 10, 2009
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I conduct classes to train teachers for CALSDA exams as a precursor to doing London ones.
by Nadishka on May 14, 2009
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As you have requested regarding elocution training for teachers, I can only teach you the internationally accepted methods of learning and teaching UK English pronunciation. However, elocution consists of some lessons of public speaking, adjusting your tone, and so on. As I see it, if you have a better accent of English it will be a plus point for you when you take lessons of pronunciation. In my lessons of pronunciation I train my students to imitate the natural British English sounds, how to connect words when you speak, and hundreds of mistakes that the Sri Lankan English speakers make, when they speak English. After having my lessons I can grantee that you will learn to pronounce any word of English like an British English speaker.
by Vidura on May 14, 2009
Phone : 0773-717823

AWS institute of elocution,speech and drama nugegoda
by finuza on May 14, 2009

May I know the contact details of AWS institute of elocution,speech and drama [address, phone, email, website?]
by Thushari on May 14, 2009

hey Thushari girl,this is the address 15/1A,1st lane, Jambugasmulla road, Nugegoda and the telephone no 2821463 2828515
by Finuza Shazir on May 15, 2009
Phone : 077-5039222
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There must be large Academies that can offer sound guidance but if you want teaching on an individual basis I know that there is much I can offer.
To get your speech right you need a sound understanding of the Theory of Speech production; you have to know why some people sound sincere and expressive; what is an acceptable Sri Lankan accent; how one can err by being "too British" etc. Actually some people may find me sounding too British - it depends on who my interlocutor is. There are lots of delicate matters of nuances here. It can be quite fascinating.
Yes, I can teach you. Lets check out our respective addresses.

by English4You on May 15, 2009
Phone : 077-2987665

You need to find someone who will not only teach you but introduce you to a syllabus you could follow with your students, as you will be entering students for exams at the end of the day. You also need to receive a Diploma qualification at least at the end of your training. I train for CALSDA [local] and as I am an Examiner there I have much to offer. Just a word of warning - I know there are teachers who promise to get you a foreign qualification but dont train you well and expect you to do the work yourself. I have had students of such teachers coming to me for "Extra classes". Also do NOT pay in lakhs for tuition.
by Nadishka Aloysius on May 17, 2009
Phone : 0777615367
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i fully agree with Nadishka since i m a person who is also getting a proper training under the institute CALSDA,go ahead i recommend it too,there is much to learn at CALSDA,good luck
by finuza on May 17, 2009

try the Wendy Whatmore Academy...they happen to be the best in this field offering qualifications in par with Trinity College of 5, 13th lane, Kolpetty. Sorry i cannot oblige as i do not take on Diploma students at the moment...all the best!!!
by Shazira Akbar on May 18, 2009
Phone : 077-9502780
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hey teachers! i want 2 know why the IWMS.LK site aint working! i am an elocution teacher[free lance].

and where can we get info abt it?
plz text me if u knw 071 546 8078

by chandra wijeratne on May 24, 2009
Phone : 0715468078
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Our school register young learners between the age group of 4 - 13 only. We train students our on correct pronunciation of English words and prepare them for the CALSDA EXAMS. Classes held on Saturdays from 10.00 am
by Genie School of Speech and Spoken English on June 5, 2009
Phone : 011-5678152/O77-3689167
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I want to know the address and telephone numbers of the CALSDA institute.
by Shimara Shifa on June 29, 2009

ELOCUTION FOR YOUNG LEARNERS.AGE 4-10 me 034-2270310 No.133, Dunkalagewatta,Bentota.
by I.S.KOMMALA on June 29, 2009
Phone : 094-034-2270310
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I am an Examiner for CALSDA - the office address is 18/15 Chitra Lane Col 5 Tel 0112555832. Office functions weekdays between 8.30 and 1.00 pm
by Nadishka on June 30, 2009
Phone : 0777615367

by chandra wijeratne on July 14, 2009
Phone : 0715468078
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Can anybody out there produce the contact details of any competent elocution teachers around Kelaniya and Kiribathgoda?
by Suneili on August 24, 2009
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Yes, I do train teachers and there are workshops. Please feel free to contact me. However do so before the end of September 2009. Thanks Panthea Elangovan
by Panthea Elangovan on September 9, 2009
Phone : 077-2867928,011-2882617
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Hi Suneili, I teach in Kelaniya.
by Yohan on September 20, 2009
Phone : 0779651201
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So sorry, not at the moment. I only train Pre-school teachers with Child Psychology etc.
by Shandika Waidyalankara on October 22, 2009
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dear elocution teachers may i know what are the differences between western and music center and the Wendy Whatmore Academy. and also i am searching elocution teachers close to wattala town for my 5 years old daughter
by Nilanka rajapakse on January 11, 2010
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can anyone tell me from where i can get trained to be an elocution teacher in kandy?
by Fathima on May 31, 2010
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I do conduct classes for the children aged 4-10 years...0775039222
by Finuza Shazir on June 1, 2010
Phone : 077-5039222
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errgghhhh dont anyone know where i can get trained to be an elocution teacher in Kandy???please someone let me know..its an emergency...thank you
by Fathima on June 2, 2010

Contact CALSDA for informaion regarding teacher trainers or basic Elocution teachers all over the country - speak to Sriyani 2555832
by Nadishka Aloysius on June 3, 2010
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Can you pl let me know where I can find a elocution teacher close to Wadduwa town for my 6 year old son. thanks
by Sujeewa de Silva on September 20, 2010
Phone : 0773424387
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i wana learn elocution teacher training thru online in sri lanka.urgent.
by fathima azmiya on September 30, 2010
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I want to know Elocution teacher from kiribathogoda,biyagama,kadawatha area
by Nandanie on November 4, 2010
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Can anybody plaese let me know regarding Elocution teachers in Kadawatha , Kiribathgoda area? Thanks.
by Rangikas on November 8, 2010
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I really cant understand why we, second language speakers of English, want to do elocution. It is a waste of time and money I feel.Get your training to become a competent EFL teacher.
by Cambridge School of English on March 16, 2011
Phone : 077-7147831,077-3706827
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I want to know about calsda exams?And I want to be teacher calsda institue. But I dont know how to take teachers registration form?
by iroshani on June 7, 2011
Phone : 0718039123
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I only teach students to prepare them for exams conducted by other Institutes. There are many places in Colombo where you can join to become an elocution teacher. Wendy Whatmore Academy is one.
by Play & Learn School on June 24, 2011
Phone : 081-2388174
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Im seaching for a teacher [elocution] around Mirigama and Divulapitiya for my two children
by nadee silva on March 6, 2012
Phone : 0718087707

hi I want to know whether Wendy Whatmore and CALSDA HAVE A CONNECTION.I am new to this field and wondering on which class to put my son. Please give me some information on the types of theses syllabus
by Fathima on August 30, 2012
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I am searching for a elocution class for kids around kirillawala or kadawatha
by shirani on December 16, 2012
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I am a master qualified government English teacher.I want to find a proper training as an elocution teacher and also drama and speech. Can somebody direct me to right place
by Nimali Heenpella on October 5, 2013
Phone : 0718246889
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HI, I am searching an elocution teacher for Trinity speech and drama around Kandy Pls let me know the contact details Urgent
by Nimali on October 23, 2013
Phone : 00971505312174

Elocution Teacher Training in Kandy. 6 months course. Sundays 9.00 - 11.00. Rs. 5000/= per month. Only 5 trainees per batch. Certificate: IEMS Diploma in Speech and Drama. Entry Qualifications: Good pass for English at O/L and A/L with a background of English and ability to work hard. Vacancy for 3 candidates for the current batch. Place: Satara Jayamaga Educational Institute, Katugastota Road, Kandy. Call: 071 - 4395240
by R.C. Fernando on October 30, 2013
Phone : 071 - 4395240
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I am Amra Assath who is willing to teach Elocution .So please can I get some information from you.I need to know the place that I should get registered and What are the qualifications.Are there branches in Colombo? Please let me know soon.And please send me a contact number with the message. Thank you,
by Amra Assath on January 21, 2014
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This batch is now full. Next batch starting on April 2014. Apply early.
by R.C. Fernando on January 23, 2014
Phone : 0714395240
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Please let me know a lady teacher who can visit home to teach elocution, spoken english to my son ( 11) and to my daughter ( 7 ) at a very reasonable charge on Wednesdays from 3 to 5 pm at 38/1/1, Vajira road, Bambalapitiya. This is a rented house just upstairs of Perera & sons opposite visaka vidyalaya. I want them to be prented for exams IWMS, or Wendy Whatmore or CALSDA. My home is in an Easy to reach location . Pl let me know on mobile number 0727339593. LASHANTHI
by Lashanthi on February 18, 2014
Phone : 0727339593

Speech and Drama at Maitland Crescent Colombo 7 Every Wednesdays IMSSS Exams British Speech Festival Nadira 077 4279206
by nadira on February 18, 2014
Phone : 0774279206

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